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Up-level Your Trading with Proven, Battled-Tested Gann Astro & Mathematical Profitable Formula 

Trading Genius Formula

Harness the 3 Powerful Engines (The Repeating Magical Number, Dark Energy and Cycle Secrets) for Lifetime Consistent Profits. It’s the most PROVEN Mechanical Trading System built on the Hidden Code from the WD Gann Commodities Course.

By reverse engineering the key factors of success from our best performing students, this program will help you to watch the Market Talking to You, Plan Your trading Schedule Ahead, and become a Consistently Profitable Trader.

Full PROOF posted below. Once Khit found the direction of a trend and its reversal, he made 229% return in 30 Days. He traded an initial $4,000 up to $13,187.90.

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UPGRADE: Astro Amplified Trading Genius Formula

Harness the 3 Powerful Engines (The Repeating Magical Number, Dark Energy and Cycle Secrets) and PROFITABLE ASTRO TOOLS for Lifetime Profits, Astro Secrets and Social Life. It’s the most PROVEN Astro & Mechanical Trading System built on the Hidden Code from the WD Gann Commodities Course.

By reverse engineering the key factors of success from our best performing students, this program will help you to watch the Market Talking to You, Plan Your trading Schedule Ahead, become a Consistently Profitable Astro Trader and Decoding More Gann's Astro Work!

Full PROOF posted below. Once Khit found the direction of a trend and its reversal, he made 229% return in 30 Days. He traded an initial $4,000 up to $13,187.90.

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The Moon Cycle Series

One of Gann’s favourite places to begin a ‘Campaign’ was a Double Top or Bottom. Inspired by a Hidden Secret Famous Robert Gordon Trade in the TTTA, Khit came up with the Moon Cycle Series that capture the Small and Larger Profitable Moon Cycles.

The best part is you can learn them in less than 60 minutes! You'll begin to Profit from a Stable, Repeatable and yet Dynamic Cycle.

Full PROOF posted below. 270% return in 4 Days. He traded an initial US$1,535 up to US$4,144

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Learn More About the Royale 14 Day Moon Cycle Book

The Stable Venus-Mercury-Moon Cycle

Discover the Key to Profitable Trading with Khit's Astro Method for Finding the "Cosmic Energetic Time Window". Learn how to Catch Big Moves; just like WD Gann said, "the Most Money is made when Fast Moves and extreme fluctuations occur at the end of the Major Cycle".

Remember, Static cycles do not serve a Dynamic Market. You'll begin to Profit from a Stable, Repeatable and yet Dynamic Cycle.

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The Son of Man- 3 Days & 3 Nights Cycle

The Sepharial Cycle is a publication on W.D. Gann's reading list, and the Son of Man is what Khit has decoded from the book. Khit uses the Son of Man secrets to validate any commodities' Natal Dates, determine the Major Turns ahead of at least 6 months, and work out the major yearly turns.

You'll begin to Profit from the Secrets of The Tunnel Thru the Air- similar cycles of Disappearing and Reappearing that happened to Jonah, Jesus, and Marie Staunton and how that all points to the Law of Value by Sepharial!

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The Trend Secrets

Unlock the secrets to the Implicit Rule of the Trend, a comprehensive guide that covers part of the Trading Genius Formula online program. Learn how to use a Proven Mathematical Formula to accurately predict market Entry and Exit points, identify Trends, and determine their Direction - With No Guesswork.

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The Moon Cycle Reset

Learn & Implement the Moon Cycle Reset in just 30 minutes. A SIMPLE Moon Trading Method designed to free up your time so you can grow and enjoy being a Profitable Trader WITHOUT being glued to your computer 24/7/365.

Get the Moon Cycle Reset Book Now!

With the Winning combination, start profiting like never before from Mechanical and Moon Trading!

1. ALWAYS set a stop loss at the place where the moon first pass the trigger point and ride on the big move 

2. Combine with the Trend Secrets to gauge the direction of the trend

Trade Like a Big Shot

Leverage the power of volume so you can SPEND LESS THAN 10 MINUTES-A-DAY to profit from the market! Discover a Simple Method That Takes Less Than 10 Minutes To Screen All The Markets You Trade And Gets Buy, Short-Sell, Exit the Market SIGNALS!

Learn More About the Trade Like Big Shot Book Now!

Traction Trendline

Learn how to draw the Traction Trend line that ID the Market Reversal and leads to Profit. Stop drawing imaginary trend lines where the price keeps blowing through your support or resistance levels and clutter your trading charts.

Coming soon!

Trade like a Big Shot and Traction Trendline are powerful trading tools that can be a valuable addition to any trader's arsenal.

Square of Nine 9 BookSquare of Nine 9 Review

The Square of Nine

Discover the Pyramid Secrets & Learn the Mathematical Relationship of the Numbers upon which the Square of Nine is built.

This thing prints money! It took Khit one signal from the Square of Nine to make $3887.50 in a gold trade backed by a live market call and brokerage statement

You'll begin to Profit from the Square of Nine by seeing and using it with a new perspective!

Full PROOF & Brokerage statements posted below. 

Khit has made US$3,887.50 in 2 Days!
Ted has made US$1,480 in One Trade!

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The C.O.R. Method

The C.O.R. Method is the Part 2 of the Trading Genius Formula which points to the Time Secret. It is a revolutionary concept that reveals the past, present, and future interrelation. By learning how to spot the repeating cycle and time the market using mathematics, you'll gain a new level of understanding about market behaviour. The Wheel Within a Wheel Secret uncovers a 3-dimensional structure hidden in a 2-dimensional trading chart, giving you a fresh perspective on understanding how the market unfolds. The Fibonacci Ratio Secret, which is never taught by any guru, reveals the secrets of repeating cycles and how they work. The Ellipse Secret provides a deeper insight into the dark energy and structure of a cycle, a concept that has never been taught anywhere before. Finally, the BeForeWarned Secret is a tool developed by Khit that helps you predict the end of a cycle, providing you with an early warning to adjust your trading strategy accordingly.

The C.O.R. Method Application. 3 Example Trades. Trading Genius Formula & The COR Method. GBP/USD, 676 Pips Profit. 

The C.O.R. Method is Available for Traders Who Have Completed the Trading Genius Formula Program

The Gann Master Trader Program. Astro Vol. One & Two Application.

A practical application of the Hidden Secrets in Chapter 7 of the Tunnel Thru The Air - it is going to save you years of researching, frustrations, and keep losing money… and becoming Wildly Profitable!

  • 1. The Financial Astrological Cycle Secrets REVEALED - Identify the Ruling Planets/Aspects that control the market movement, pining its tops and bottoms and when they will switch off and give way to the new ones.

    2. The Law of Cause & Effect. You'll learn how to find the right cause and beginning.

    3. The events like 911, COVID-19 are examples of cycles that have happened/ or in motion long before we're even aware of it, and the same applies to cycles in the investment markets. 

  • Ted made $3,604 during the Program, 9 out of 10 Winning Trades!

    Full PROOF & Brokerage statements posted below. 

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    Let's Hear What Our Students Have to Say

    Mark (May, 2021)

    "To be honest, I've not put a massive amount of money in there because i'm new to trading. 

    I’m moving into sort of semi-retirement and and i've had a lifelong passion with energy and then sort of sacred geometry and things like that and it's just beautiful now to see something that i can i can get my head around in an amazing way that has an income stream attached.

    I liked that a timely heads up would come through alerting me to Gann theory-based opportunities which could then be actively followed. Then any corrections/follow-ups would come through as needed based on your activity."

    6 months after...Mark (November, 2021)

    "With the given the current climate in the world, it's probably one of the best ways of making an income I can think of. With the right knowledge and the right understanding you know literally you can you can have your own cash machine. The biggest change in my life is is having the enjoyment and freedom. I'm scaling up and I’m looking forward to a good long healthy retirement and with the resources to do it; and enjoy learning even more. It's changed my life in so many good ways. Financially yes, spiritually yes intellectually yes. I've just bought a car that's many many times more than the book."

    Brokerage statement below

    Brokerage statement below

    Let's hear what others are saying

    Okay, so I make money...But here's the big question, do any of my students make money?

    "Make Profits..."

    "I got the book in September. Got into Abbott Lab on Sept 25 at 101.32. Exited at 110.00 with an $8.68 win." 

    Stevie B., United Kingdom

    "Make Very Good Profits..."

    "the Son of Man which reveals certain points in the zodiac when repeated confirms your understanding of proper natal configurations, when they are re-executed will give a good understanding of Tops and Bottoms."

    Ted E., USA

    "It's Very Usable..."

    "A lot of Gann courses are great in theory but it’s very very difficult if not impossible to apply to the market because it’s so complicated. So, I love the ease of application and you know it’s the trading has to be simple it has to be you know step one step, two step, three you know if you don’t have that recipe it’s just it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, you’re just you’re just gonna go round around circles.."

    Nicholas P,, USA

    "I have Zero Regrets..."

    "When you put a trade you know how to enter and how to exit the trade. It's very dynamic you can stick your nose in your pc and do nothing. The formula is very easy math and you can exit the market whenever you see the support and the resistance. My personal record was from 5000 to 9000 in like 6 weeks."

    Marwen S.,  France

    "See Results in 15 days..." 

    "How to get the exact point to enter and how to calculate my profit in advance, forecast the market and the right way to get my profit in advance. I learned 3 important issue [techniques] from this course this helped me to make the profit in my trading as you see in one trade I made $1,000+ USD in less than 15 days."

    Mohammed  M.,  Saudi Arabia

    "You Cannot Find Anywhere!"

    "I like the most about the course give me a lot of valuable information and those things almost impossible for me to find like the RRL and the dark energy, you cannot find anywhere so far. If you want to be a profitable trader this is the course you need I guarantee, you won’t regret it.”

    Wai W., Canada

    If you'd like to be where Ted, Mark and my other students in the next 30 days...

    You better go get our Gann Explained education because it's about time to Transform Your Trading Life Forever.

    Disclaimer: Khit Wong and all members of Gann Explained LLC are NOT financial advisors, and nothing they say are meant to be a recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument. All information is strictly educational and/or opinion.

    By reading this, you agree to all of the following: You understand this to be an expression of opinions and not professional advice. Any opinions, news, research, analysis, prices, or other information contained on this website is provided as general market commentary and education and does not constitute advice. The brand name of Gann Explained LLC, will not accept liability for any loss or damage, including without limitation to, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information. You are solely responsible for the use of any content and hold Khit Wong, Gann Explained LLC and all members harmless in any event or claim.

    FTC DISCLOSURE: Any income claims shared by my students, friends, or clients are understood to be true and accurate, but are not verified in any way. Always do your own due diligence and use your own judgment when making buying decisions and investments in your business.

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