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Ted E.

You can’t find anybody in the United States that has anything similar equal or anything that’s even predicted as far as the you know what Khit offers. He offers the greatest science that actually unveils a prediction in the market. It is mathematically predictive and unless you’re dealing in the realm of mathematical predictability which needs certain very very peculiar students of mathematics to figure out which I would consider it Khit to be a genius unless you’re up at that level you’re not going to find anything at all.


 Ted E., USA

Mark F.

It's changed my understanding of the market's energetic structure, what moves the market, and what stops the market. So I've got a different pair of lenses a little bit like I understand what Gann was trying to do, and if you don't think like he thought, then you'll walk past it 10 100 times, and you'll think you've got something, and then it'll just come unraveled on the charts. It's good for solidifying scattered or embryonic knowledge that people may have on Gann because it puts Gann together for people. And it certainly did that you can have lots of different pieces of the Gann jigsaw puzzles; what the Gann (Trading) Genius Course does is start saying well okay get these pieces put them here, and with that, you can do this and then with these pieces over here this is what these mean. If you understand what these mean, you can do this also, and if you do both things together, then you know you can do some really good stuff.


 Mark F., England

Marwen S.

I did the trading genius formula and it was very easy when you put a trade you know how to enter the trade and how to exit the trade that's the secret. It is very dynamic, very easy math, you can exit the market when you see the support and the resistance. The best thing I have is the gold market. The gold market is very fast, and all the people I know from telegram or some friends I have who do trading. They sell the gold; they blow up their account very very fast, but with the genius formula, it's not.


 Marwen S., France

Wai W.

I studied Looking Back from 1940, the Tape Reading and How to Make Profit in the Commodity.  I have to buy the data and draw the chart, but when you draw on the graph (charting paper).  It is so difficult to find out when it will work and when it will not work. Trading Genius Formula gives me a lot of valuable and useful information I’m able to apply and use it for my trading immediately it definitely saves me a lot of time. In a few weeks, I made approximately sometimes a couple of hundreds, a thousand and $2000 holding stock (Starbucks) from 6-7 days. What I like the most about the course give me a lot of valuable information and those things almost impossible for me to find like the RRL and the dark energy, you cannot find anywhere so far. If you want to be a profitable trader this is the course you need I guarantee, you won’t regret it.”


 Wai W., Canada

Mohammed M.

How to get the exact point to enter and how to calculate my profit in advance, forecast the market and the right way to get my profit in advance. I learned 3 important issue [techniques] from this course this helped me to make the profit in my trading as you see in one trade I made $1,000+ USD in less than 15 days.


 Mohammed M., Saudi Arabia

Nicholas P.

The reason why I really love the Gann Explained course was it’s very optimal. You can you know you get a lesson you practice you can use it it’s very usable. A lot of Gann courses are great in theory but it’s very very difficult if not impossible to apply to the market because it’s so complicated. So, I love the ease of application and you know it’s the trading has to be simple it has to be you know step one step, two step, three you know if you don’t have that recipe it’s just it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, you’re just you’re just gonna go round around circles.


 Nicholas P., USA

Do Any of My Clients Make Money? 

Success Stories

"With the given the current climate in the world it's probably one of the best ways of making an income I can think of. With the right knowledge and the right understanding you know literally you can have your own cash machine.

The biggest change in my life is is having the enjoyment and freedom. I'm scaling up and I’m looking forward to a good long healthy retirement and with the resources to do it; and enjoy learning even more.  It's changed my life in so many good ways. Financially yes, spiritually yes intellectually yes. I've just bought a car that's many many times more than the book." 

Mark F., England

"I've learned Hellenistic astrology, Arabic astrology, Indian astrology, and Chinese astrology. Right-back in 1991 to translate all the ancient Hellenistic the ancient Greek astrological textbooks. The revolutionary book gave me a lot of insights as to how the planets control the markets and better timing for me to enter trades. I believe I put on 12 trades and lost 1 trade the total profit sometimes I make $800, $900 with just one contract because I'm just putting my toe in the water." Ted E., USA

Well done traders, you get what you put in.  That's why 'Trading Genius Formula' Is The Closest Thing To FREE!

“I made 150 pips on one Euro Trade. I made $3,000 USD before the course ends.” Ted E. USA

"I made about $400 USD today and that was from one of Khit’s lessons.” Nicholas P. USA

"I made about $400 USD today and that was from one of Khit’s lessons.” Nicholas P. USA

“In a few weeks, I made approximately sometimes a couple of hundreds, a thousand and $2000 holding stock (Starbucks) from 6-7 days.” Wai W., Canada

"I have grown a $1,000 account to $2,000 during a 10-day lockdown in Paris. He then scaled a $5,000 account to $15,000."  Marwen S., France

"I got the book in September.  Got into Abbott Lab on Sept 25 at 101.32. Exited at 110.00 with an $8.68 win."  Stevie B., United Kingdom

Trusted By 100+ Students

Trading Genius Formula is a Mathematical Formula that Applies to Any Market, Timeframe & Timezone! Here’s the Praise from my Students from Different Parts of the World.

"I have been trading stocks, options, and forex for many years now. I have been exposed to many different strategies and tools, including Gann analysis in depth. When I found your website, I knew your approach is unique. ...Market markers and broker canNOT see what are I am trading on. Example If I trade on Bollingers, MAs or Pivots they will see and act against me. ...The system is perfect to fit my Risk-Reward Ratio. Low-Risk Big Reward ...Does NOT sell indicators, systems, software like many others instructors. Just plain price action on each chart. ...Khit comments on video when reviewing students’ work are priceless. I take notes of all of them since these are the basis of the system. ...There are many dimensions for filtering a trade before pressing the trigger. Example price, time and now astro timing. ...For option traders like myself, this is the course to master. ...Availability for Q&As and support via email."

Joseph A.  USA

"I like Khit’s techniques. His techniques start Before a Cycle Happens. Everybody else is after the fact. I made $540 from a stock trade."

 Matthew A., USA

"Your teaching really helps to understand the market trend. I took several profitable trades... and well aware of the reasons behind to make the process repeatable.” I really love the last live usd/jpy trade example shown in the coaching session with an explanation."
Mario T., Hong Kong

"I just wanted to say thank you for teaching me some amazingly easy trading concepts.. I thought that the astrology sections would be hard but what you have shared on week 5 is amazing not only because you don’t need to know any astro like me, but this is the first time I have seen a way to covert time to price with zero effort or calculations. Can’t wait to go through the rest of the course weeks and see what other gems you will be teaching me."

"Going through the process of doing the homework is essential in deepening my understanding of how to identify the trend... And having Khit to check my trading homework to make sure I have done it correctly makes a difference. And seeing Khit doing the analysis live on a blank chart is a whole new experience."

Christian B., Germany

"After attending the program, one could learn W.D. Gann’s simple tradable techniques from his famous form reading. . It is applicable to market trend action and reaction. Also, one could learn the simple and tradable astro-timing techniques which are accurate to the minute for market action."

K.K. Chan, Hong Kong

“ I had attended Khit’s seminar last year, found that he is good at Gann, that can help me to predict the market more accurately. I had one time earned back a years signal services on GC (gold option)”

Daniel L., Hong Kong

"Learn to forecast the market in the right way to get my profit in advance! You have literally turned my inconsistent trading into a long winning streak. Thank you very much and with the capital of US$8,000, I have now made over US$1,000 in the first 2 weeks after taking your course. I took some other courses and it’s not as efficient as this one.” Mohammed M., Saudi Arabia

"After attending the program, one could learn W.D. Gann’s simple tradable techniques from his famous form reading. . It is applicable to market trend action and reaction. Also, one could learn the simple and tradable astro-timing techniques which are accurate to the minute for market action."

Jakob K, Sweden

“ I am very pleased with the highly accurate signals, but I’d also like to thank Khit for being very responsive to my questions and I have learned a lot more about the Forex market."

Ahmet N., Turkey

"You are really the only one teaching usable GANN material "You are really the only one teaching usable GANN material ..I plan on one day coming to HONG KONG would love to meet you." Nikolas P. USA

“This course is the best education to jump-start a person into successful trading. The content is all unique to you, all the other trainers didn’t have content like this. This is totally Khit’s development. I don’t see anybody in market history even WD Gann had predicted that far out and was able to get a lot of the bottoms and the tops so far away from where the prediction occurs.“

Ted E. USA

"I am starting to see the hidden patterns being repeatedly shown in the market.... “In the past, I have bought a lot of W.D Gann material that promises great unveil of real Gann trading method. To be honest every time after the purchase, I feel kind of lost; but until I have attended your online Gann course, I am starting to see the hidden patterns being repeatedly shown in the market and I want to thank you for your generosity in sharing these real secrets with us.”

Jeffery K., USA

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Mark F., England

Ted E., USA

Here's the Winning Trades from my Clients 

What the Traders have to say about our Methods on W.D. Gann's Work

The Son of Man, 3 Days & 3 Nights Cycle

“I have seen so many of these work out I can almost see them in my sleep. 

I am really pleased with the results that are almost always correct in direction. I have looked at maybe 30 different situations, and if the father, son relationship is correct the results are amazing. I think you are the only Gann person that offers real value. Thank you for all your wonderful work.”

Ted E., USA

One Moon Cycle

“This book is a revelation in terms of all my 40 years of studying Astrological methods in the market and it’s a unique method that you’re never gonna find anywhere else that this is unique to all of Khit’s work and you’re not going to see it or find it anywhere. So if you want to really be in for a wonderful surprise in terms of buying a book that’s very very much to value for the money that’s being asked. This book is probably the best buy you could possibly do in terms of improving your trading.

Ted E., USA

Astro Vol. One

"Yes, your book is the only book that applies the astrology and a tradable method. All of the ancient manuscripts hinted at how to use the astrology but yours is the only one that applies everything very practically. And not only does your information apply these things practically but you also show how to positionally set yourself up in the market so that when you do the astrology trade it works very profitably because you've got a risk/reward understanding of where to get in better and where to get out better. particular market that’s how I intend to use it. .”

Ted E. USA

Astro Vol. Two

"It was revolutionary because it gave me a lot of insights as to how the planets control the markets and better timing for me to enter trades. Khit put together a number of different techniques that helped me trade better in terms of being able to initiate and end trades, and you know what the market was gonna do." Ted E. USA

Ted E., USA

Square of Nine

“With New Glasses in a New Perspective I had studied Gann for over 30 maybe 35 years, I've never seen the Square of Nine used like this.

I made $1480. I did trade this morning and I made I think it (another one) was $470. This technique seems to work repetitively I'm very confident that it's gonna greatly add to my trading success. Anybody who buys the book if you have to work with Khit a little bit to try to get things squared away.All of a sudden you'll be seeing and using Square of Nine with new glasses in a new perspective I had studied Gann for over 30 maybe 35 years. I've never seen the Square of Nine used like this."

Ted E. USA

Ted's Brokerage Statement Below:

Proof:  Ted has made $1,480 using the Square of Nine in One Trade

Square of Nine

"I've got a Different Pair of Glasses on...like I understand what Gann was trying to do...Now, once you understand how he was thinking and how he was using the information he had access to, which is not normal thinking for most people certainly. And so that was a big leap for me a shift in understanding - a shift almost in consciousness but certainly a shift in perspective.

It's gotta be worth every penny of 10,000 pounds. I've just bought a car that's many times more than that, so you know it's paid for me a car and other things. It's given me peace of mind it's given me freedom, so it's very difficult to say what price would you put on something like that because you know everybody's got a budget everybody's got a sort of a price thermostat beyond which they feel uncomfortable going but what I would say is whatever price you pay for this book it's gonna pay you back."

Mark F., England

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  • Featured in FXStreet.com and magazines like “Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities” and “Traders World”.

  • Profitable Live Market Calls in FXStreet, Wave59, TradingView, and live webinars the last 10+ Years

  • Made US$2,620 off Dow in 4 Days with no drawdown using what he taught in Moon Trading

  • Scored a 433% return in a month using Trading Genius Formula

  • 10-Year Trading Proof

    My methods of Predicting Market Cycles are NOT ON TRIAL, even amongst the most experienced professionals. 

    And it's that simple... If you don't have a mathematical system, you can't make consistent profits. If you don't get the construct of a cycle correct, you can't crack the Astro cycle code. But if you get it right, you are on the fast track of making profits and decoding Gann's work!

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    You better go APPLY NOW for our Gann Explained education because it's about time to Transform Your Trading Life Forever.

    And it's really that simple... If you don't have a mathematical model... you can't make consistent profits. If you can't work out the price which must not be touched... you can't put a tight stop loss. If you can't get the construct of a cycle... you can't crack the astro cycle code. But if you get it right... then you can make profits and decode Gann's work FASTER! 

    Complete this application thoroughly, accurately, and completely so we can best determine if we are a good fit for each other.

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