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Meet Ted:
Khit's first student and mentee, a 30-year Gann Warrior.

From a Struggling to Highly Profitable Astro Trader Case Study:

Through unlearning and learning anew Ted thought he knew about Gann's mathematics, geometry and astrology, profits exploded.

"You can't find anybody in the United States that has anything similar equal or anything that's even predicted as far as the you know what Khit offers."

Ted focused on studying ancient texts and all kinds of astrology. He bought books, seminars and courses. He came up with his own mathematical and astrological algorithms. But it didn’t help him become a consistently profitable trader. Ted was impressed by all the profitable forecasts that Khit posted in the wave59.com forum. He realized that to hit the next level he would have to work with a mentor who put theories to test.

Ted E. USA


Ted has been trying to trade with financial astrology and Gann's methods for 20 years. He has learned all the ancient astrologers- Babylonian, Hellenistic, Arabic, Indian, and Chinese. Back in 1991, he spent hundreds of thousands translating all the ancient Hellenistic and Greek astrological textbooks in the hopes of decoding Gann’s work.

Working with Khit

Ted was one of Khit’s first students and mentees, and has got the full collection of Gann Explained books and courses.


Ted has become a wildly profitable part-time trader who continues his life mission of saving lives as a doctor.

Ted joined the Master Trader Program (Tunnel Thru the Air Program - Astro Vol. 1 & 2 Application) that has taken his trading to a whole new level.  

Ted was able to have 4-5 filters to confirm trades. He puts on 10 trades. 9 Winning 1 Losing.

"It was revolutionary because it gave me a lot of insights as to how the planets control the markets and better timing for me to enter trades. Khit put together a number of different techniques that helped me trade better in terms of being able to initiate and end trades, and you know what the market was gonna do."  Ted E. USA

The Course Paid Big Dividends

“I make $800, $900 with just one I've only been trading you know one contract because I'm just putting my toe in the water. I think probably I made about $6,000 total...The investment paid big dividends because I'll recoup all of the monies.”

More Accuracy

Complete astrological understanding allows you to trade with even more accuracy and more pinpoint abilities to yield the correct trades in the correct directions and the correct move to the market and will give you more confidence.”

Solid Foundation

“Khit's work really lays a very good foundation that, if you apply it correctly can lead to very proper trading analysis that will cause people to start making profits consistently.”

Ted's Proof of Knowledge  

The Total Number of Trades: 10

1 Losing and 9 Winning Trades 

STARTING BALANCE ON OCT. 1, 2018: $12,615.09

TOTAL GAINS AS OF OCT. 31, 2018: $3,604.56

CLOSING BALANCE ON OCT 31. 2018: $16,219.65


Where Ted Begins...He Got the Astro Vol. One when it was first published

"I don't see anybody in market history even W.D. Gann had predicted that far out and was able to get a lot of the bottoms in the top so far away from where the prediction occurred." Ted E. USA

Predicting the Tops & Bottoms

“It's amazing because the predictions go out years and years and years later, and almost always they show the tops and the bottoms you know quite a few numbers of years away from when you predicted it. I don't see anybody in market history even W.D. Gann had predicted that far out and was able to get a lot of the bottoms in the top so far away from where the prediction occurred. Expensive? not for the predictions that go along for many many years showing tops and bottoms."

Ted then joined Trading Genius Formula when it was first launched...

It's the only course that's practical and leads to good results, and it gives you a very good perspective of where you are in the market, and the powerful astrological signals predict things very determinedly, and the ability of your positioning really shows you how to make good profits.” occurred." Ted E. USA

Ted got Astro Vol. One is impressed by Khit’s insights on financial astrology. When he discovered Khit was offering a Mathematical Trading Method, he jumped at the opportunity. “I need help on entering correctly and exit trades to keep the profit. Many times I have profit but then lose because I hold too long. I need help with the correct polarity of the move. I need more discipline to understand where I am in the market.”

150 Pips WIn on One Trade

“The trade we just did in the Euro I made about a 150 pips on I noticed that you (Khit) positioned the Euro on one of the retracement lines that equaled another retracement line on the Euro and you (Khit) combine that probably with your astrology, and the prediction worked!”

Want Help to Become a Highly Profitable Gann Astro Trader & Scale Your Trading Account?

Here's What Ted has to say on Khit's Astro Algorithm

Once Ted has unlearned and learned anew he thought he knew about Gann mathematics, geometry, and financial astrology, profits exploded. If you want the same guidance Ted had, check out the Master Trader Program and Book a Call with Us.

The Tunnel Thru the Air Master Trader Program is US$15,000+

The Program Is Not For Everyone. Fill Out the Application and Schedule a 15-Minute Call to Assess if We're the Right Fit for each other.

Apply to See if You Qualify

Mentorship with Khit. Learn from the Best in the Industry.

Here's what You Get for the Tunnel Thru the Air Master Trader Program

#1. Gann Knowledge You Cannot Find Anywhere

#2. CASE STUDY Step-by-Step Case Study Walk-Through on Cocoa and Meta (Facebook)

#3. Mentorship with Khit.  Q&A Slides on How Khit has helped Agnes to find the Facebook Pivots, its Direction and Exit Ahead of Time.

The Tunnel Thru the Air Master Trader Program is US$15,000+

The Program Is Not For Everyone. Fill Out the Application and Schedule a 15-Minute Call to Assess if We're the Right Fit for each other.

Apply to See if You Qualify

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