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[Astro Reset Masterclass]

Debunk the Astro Trading Myths and the 3 Untold Astro Cycle Secrets Including Mercury Retrograde, the Sunspot and Son of Man Cycle Secrets Revealed.

... And Khit's Pro-Tips to Get Inside Gann's Head and Unlock the Secrets of His Work, and How You Can Too!"

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Get Inside Gann's Head

[Gann Rocket Trading Signal]

One Powerful Signal, Big Profits Made | Khit's 7-year Results & Brokerage Statements Stand as a Testament.

Missing signals due to time zones is frustrating! Get precise entry, exit, stop-loss points & chat support with Khit to re-enter or exit confidently.

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We Provide the Science of Decoding W.D. Gann's Work

Learn the Astro Amplified Trading Genius Formula System I use to 4.33X my Trading Account from US$4,000 to US$17,187.90 in 30 days

"Your profitability is directly related to your understanding of the remaining energy stored in the price at the moment. It works like Physics. Think of the metal balls swinging pendulum; it shows the law about conservation of Momentum and Energy. The energy runs through the balls, which affects how far the metal balls will fly. The same applies to the energy stores in the price of each candle. The ability to make profits on repeat comes from understanding the stored energy value inside the price. Without which even you've won some money, you will be losing back to the market over time."  Khit Wong

Live Trade -

Khit doubled his account and made $1,290 in 56 minutes using Trading Genius Formula

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    You know the saying, “...Numbers don’t lie.” Well done traders, you get what you put in.  That's why 'Trading Genius Formula' Is The Closest Thing To FREE!

    “I made 150 pips on one Euro Trade. I made $3,000 USD before the course ends.” Ted E. USA

    "I made about $400 USD today and that was from one of Khit’s lessons.” Nicholas P. USA

    "I made about $400 USD today and that was from one of Khit’s lessons.” Nicholas P. USA

    “In a few weeks, I made approximately sometimes a couple of hundreds, a thousand and $2000 holding stock (Starbucks) from 6-7 days.” Wai W., Canada

    "I have grown a $1,000 account to $2,000 during a 10-day lockdown in Paris. He then scaled a $5,000 account to $15,000." Marwen S., France

    "I got the book in September.  Got into Abbott Lab on Sept 25 at 101.32. Exited at 110.00 with an $8.68 win."  Stevie B., United Kingdom

     Up-level Your Trading with Proven, Battled-Tested Profitable Formula

    You DON'T have to Spend Over a Day to Learn & Implement these Lunar Techniques to your Trades

    The Moon Cycle Reset 

    Learn & Implement the Moon Cycle Reset in just 30 minutes. A  SIMPLE Moon Trading Method designed to free up your time so you can grow and enjoy being a Profitable Trader WITHOUT being glued to your computer 24/7/365.

    The One Moon Cycle

    Learn & Implement the One Moon Cycle in just 60 minutes.

    Discover how Khit applied a Deeper Layer of the Anniversary Date to Moon Trading.  It signals Significant Turns and Lucrative Moves that happen 2-3 times a year.  

    The Royale 14th Day Moon Cycle

    Learn & Implement the method in just 60 minutes. Inspired by a Hidden Secret Famous Robert Gordon Trade in the TTTA. It pointed to lucrative short-term opportunities you can Buy on Tuesday and Exit on Friday.

    You DON'T have to be a Gifted Mathematician to Apply the Natural Law to your Trades.

    Trade Like a Big Shot

    Leverage the power of volume so you can SPEND LESS THAN 10 MINUTES-A-DAY to profit from the market! Discover a Simple Method That Takes Less Than 10 Minutes To Screen All The Markets You Trade And Gets Buy, Short-Sell, Exit the Market SIGNALS!

    The Trend Secrets

    The Trend Secrets Book covers Part of the Key Concepts of the Trading Genius Formula online program. Discover the Profitable Mathematical Formula to Find the Exact Spot for Market Entry, Exit, the Trend & its Direction with No Guesswork!

    The Traction Trendline

    Learn how to draw the Traction Trend Line that ID the Market Reversal and leads to Profit. Stop drawing imaginary trend lines where the price keeps blowing through your support or resistance levels and clutter your trading charts.


    You DON'T have to know all sorts of Wild Astrology or Sacred Geometry to Apply these Never-Revealed Top Gann Trading Secrets to Your Trades.

    The Stable Venus Moon Mercury Cycle

    Learn & Implement the Never Revealed "Cosmic Energetic Time Window" Astro Trading. It is an excellent method designed for Options Traders who want to know in advance how to calculate the entry and exit time to profit from the Fast Market Corridor rally or plunge.

    The Son of Man- 3 Days & 3 Nights Cycle

    The Sepharial Cycle is a publication on W.D. Gann's reading list and the Son of Man are what Khit has decoded from the book. Khit uses the Son of Man secrets to validate any commodities' natal dates, get the major turns known ahead at least six months, and work out the major yearly turns.


    The Square of Nine Application

    Discover the Pyramid Secrets & Learn the Mathematical Relationship of the Numbers upon which the Square of Nine is built. This thing prints money! It took Khit one signal from the Square of Nine to make $3887.50 in a gold trade backed by a live market call and brokerage statement.


    Why use 3 decimal points Ephemeris? Astrology is a very Exact Science, Much like Physics...

    The Market & the Sky co-ordinate down to 3 decimal points on an Ephemeris. Our Ephemeris in Excel consists of planet position longitudes exact to 3 decimal points from 1920 to 2055 and annual moon position longitudes.

    Get the Ephemeris in Excel now!

    You can see that all longitudes that I use are taken to the exact 0.001 decimal points as our universe works on exact mathematics, and I have repeatedly emphasized to those people who claim astrology works on a +- 3 degree orb that it is false and they totally have the wrong concept.

    The C.O.R. Method - How To Spot the Repeating Cycle & Time the Market Using Mathematics 

    Trading Genius Formula Part 2


  • The 'Wheel Within a Wheel' Secret - a 3-dimensional structure hidden in a 2-dimensional trading chart

  • The 'Fibonacci Ratio' Secret (Never Taught by Any Guru) - and you see how the repeating cycles work

  • The 'Ellipse Secret' - Dive Deeper into Dark Energy & Structure of a Cycle (Never Taught Anywhere!)

  • ​The BeForeWarned Secret: Khit NEVER Published Tool uses to Call the End of the Cycle


    The COR Method is a Deep Understanding of Market Movements and Patterns.


    The 3-Dimensional Structure Hidden Revealed

    The 'Fibonnaci Ratio' Secret (Never Taught by Any Guru)

    The 'Ellipse' Secret - Dive Deeper into Dark Energy & Structure of a Cycle

    Khit's NEVER Published Tool that use to Call the End of the Cycle

    "I like to focus on astrology as the basis of what I do in my trading and the COR Method via showing what happened in the past is going to repeat in the future." Ted E. USA


    Crack the Code. 

    Skyrocket Profits

    Meet Your Coach Khit

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  • The Gann Master Trader Program

    A deeper understanding of how astrological forces operate in the market so you can quit trying and get the real solution - it is going to save you years of researching, frustrations, and keep losing money… and so much more!

    You’re INVITED To Apply To Join A Mentorship Coaching Program with Khit… And To BUILD A Legacy You Can Be Proud Of!

  • ​The Never-Revealed Financial Astrology Cycle Secrets

  • ​The Law of Cause & Effect

  • ​What is Time? how these previous and future tops, as well as current price action interact and affect each other 

  • ​The events like 911, COVID-19 are examples of cycles that have happened/ or in motion long before we're even aware of it, and the same applies to cycles in the investment markets. 

  • ​Reveal the secrets on why Astro/Planets/Aspects sometimes works BUT not all the time

  • ​The Never-Revealed Pyramid Secret - the Golden Rescue Time (Square of Nine Part 2)

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    And it's that simple... If you don't have a mathematical system, you can't make consistent profits. If you don't get the construct of a cycle correct, you can't crack the Astro cycle code. But if you get it right, you are on the fast track of making profits and decoding Gann's work!

    Complete this application thoroughly, accurately, and completely so we can best determine if we are a good fit for each other.