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Our flagship program, Trading Genius Formula, is built around the Valuable Insights and Knowledge found in The Trend Secrets book. 

Here's What You'll Learn

Learning how to find the Trend, the Direction and the Change of the Trend

Chapter 2 provides guidance on how to identify the trend in the market, which is crucial for making profitable trades. You'll learn to read market trends and direction in real-time and make profitable trades with confidence, rather than relying on hindsight.

Understanding the Safest Buy and Selling Points at the End of the Trend

Chapter 5 discusses the different levels of selling points at the end of a trend and how to identify them. This knowledge can help traders maximize their profits by selling at the most advantageous point.

Unlock the Secrets of a Pro Trader: Trade Like Khit Wong

Chapter 9 provides a core trading methodology developed by Khit Wong that explains when to enter and exit trades and when to adjust trading size. This step-by-step approach allows for more calculated trades and sometimes leading to a breakeven even if you've made a wrong trend forecast.

What Stevie is Saying About the Trend Secrets Book

"I am beginning to get consistently profitable. Your book has given me quite a simplified mathematics, and it was quite well explained and detailed. I've got two trades running at the moment. One has been over a month now, and that is Abbot Laboratories; the second trade put on about a week ago was JD.com. I feel like my entries were based on my understanding of this off the book in regards to reaction limits for my entry, and what I like about it is the risk-reward is really good, and that's your lower low risk, and you can set up quite a tight stop loss." Stevie B., Scotland

What People Are Saying About the Trading Genius Formula

"The tools can be used in cryptocurrency charts. A big advantage nowadays."

Joseph A., USA

"I am starting to see the hidden patterns being repeatedly shown in the market.... In the past, I have bought a lot of W.D Gann material that promises great unveil of real Gann trading method. To be honest every time after the purchase, I feel kind of lost; but until I have attended your online Gann course, I am starting to see the hidden patterns being repeatedly shown in the market and I want to thank you for your generosity in sharing these real secrets with us."

Jeffrey K., USA

"This book is definitely helpful in understanding W.D. Gann. Gann talks about his own trading rules that no one understands. This book explains that those rules that Gann had built over a long history are still so very relevant in today's markets. The author leads you back to the most basics and rebuilds his case onward from there. However, this book does get somewhat "heavier" towards the end and careful study of what is being shown in the book is a must. I especially like the part which talks about "sections", but you need to go back to the book's earlier pages before moving on, and then you will find the Hidden Gems! This book could be used as a beginner guide, as well to be retained as your trading level get more advance, and it is a must for the trading library. This book further deepen my respect to WD Gann, who had developed and interpreted the market according to his charts, angles and mathematics, before the days of the electronic calculation devices come."

Kuma, Australia

"After knowing the Trend Secrets, one could learn W.D. Gann’s simple tradable techniques from his famous Form Reading. It is applicable to market trend action and reaction."

K.K. Chan, Hong Kong

"You are really the only one teaching usable GANN material ..I plan on one day coming to HONG KONG would love to meet you."

Nicholas P. USA.

"Your teaching helps me understand the market trend. I took several profitable trades and well aware of the reasons behind to make the process repeatable."

Mario T., Hong Kong

Meet Khit Wong

  • Khit Wong's impressive track record speaks for itself, with a proven ability to deliver results and profitable market calls. He has been featured in several publications, including FXStreet.com, "Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities," and "Traders World." For over a decade, he has shared his Astro Market Forecasts through live webinars on platforms like FXStreet, Wave59, and TradingView.

    The Decade of Grit and Mastery | 20 years of dedication fueled by passion, mentorships, and relentless trial and error have guided me. Through countless losing trades and endless hours of experience, I have cracked Gann’s code.

    Cracking Gann’s Code | I have published Astro Volumes 1 and 2, guides to uncovering the hidden secrets of planetary pairs and aspects that predict market rallies and plunges. These volumes will teach you how to identify these signals, know exactly when they stop working, and trade profitably.

  • Explore the Book's Content & The W.D. Gann Inspired Implicit Rule of the Trend


    Chapter 1: Introduction - Have a Good Trade series P.22-25 Trading Opportunities - Trade with the Trend

    Chapter 2: How to Find the Trend... and More Importantly the Direction of the Trend. Cryptocurrency Example Trades P.25-31

    Chapter 3:Scripts & Powerpoint Slides On Khit Wong 2016 W.D. Gann Form Reading Seminar "Change Of Trend" P.32-60

    Chapter 4: Step-By-Step Approach on How to Find Opportunity to Trade the Market P. 61-63 Trading Opportunities - Change/ End of the Trend

    Chapter 5: Best Selling Place at the End of the Trend - Sell at Safe, Safer & the Safest Selling Point P.64-67

    Chapter 6: The Trend Secrets simplified - The Original W.D. Gann Phrases Explained P.68-76

    Chapter 7 The Step-By-Step Walk-Through- How I Made My Forecast and Adjust Trading Size with my trade in JPY/USD and AUD/USD P.77-82

    Chapter 8: How I Read the Market P.83-86

    Chapter 9: Khit Wong Core Trading Methodology: When To Entry And When To Change Trading Size P.87-91

    Chapter 10: Preview of Module One of the Trading Genius Formula - Turn Gann's Knowledge into Implementation P.92-111

    Chapter 11: What Market Condition Works Best for this Trading Method and When to Avoid P.112-123

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