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Meet Agnes

  • A Gann enthusiast and a course designer to make sure our content is straightforward, usable & practical. I worked in 4As advertising agencies, and interestingly my first & my last job was with Ogilvy Asia Pacific. I took on this less popular pathway, trading and untangling this Gann’s riddles some 10+ years ago in the hopes of building my nest egg.

  • Feels like giving up trading?

    I’ve been there myself.

    I made mistakes. I felt isolated. And I spent so much time glued to the desk with my laptop.

    But eventually, I did it!

    Working with wrong trading mentors are progress killers. Here’s an opportunity to accelerate your success!

    Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it

    I’ve started and stopped trading more times than I can count. I had some small successes, mediocre results, and epic failures. I was scammed by some Trading Gurus who have charged me lots of money yet still deliver so little. I hate hoarders, and I get Khit’s agreement on ‘The trading secrets are valuable, but they should not be veiled. Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it.”

    Khit is a breath of fresh air

    I stopped trading for 2 years. One fateful day in 2016, I attended a trading seminar 2 days before leaving Hong Kong for the U.S. I did that to support the organizer and wasn’t keen to look up who’s the speaker. And there I met Khit Wong. The key takeaway of the seminar was that indicator-based strategies will always be condition dependent. Moving Average is designed to work in a trending market, it will likely blow your account when that market begins to consolidate, and you’ve to switch to RSI instead.

    Here’s the lightbulb moment for me – you don’t know whether the market is trending or consolidating unless in hindsight.

    How to put your trades in confidently? You need to know how to read what the market is doing at that very moment. That’s not what any technical indicators can offer.  I got hooked to his books. 

    Later on, he told me the secrets about Astro Trading that no one talks about –

  • Stop Looking for the Static Correlations between Planetary Pairs & Aspects, Sensitive Points or Major/Minor Cycles to discern market turning points;

  • There is No such thing as to trade with ±3° orbs;

  • AND start with Mathematical Formula if you’re Not Consistently Profitable yet.

  • I am propelled to let this known beyond my social circle into a larger world, and that’s how Gann Explained is born.

    When Wall Street traders aren’t what you expected

    Before I met Khit, I’ve signed up for some big courses and once a private student of a former Wall Street trader, but NONE of them has led me closer to that trading dream. I studied all technical indicators and traded mostly with Butterfly, Gartley, Fibonacci Ratio, and Planets (not when misused). They’ve One thing in common – lack Predictive Value and lots of Guesswork.

    About Myself & My Mission

    Advertising is the backbone of my career. There was an eventful year that I worked in a financial institution as the Head of Corporate Marketing. I’ve got colleagues and clients from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, which has piqued my interest in trading and investment. Not only can I connect the dots looking back, but my career journey has also taught me to become a collector, observer, commentator, gatherer of ideas & information, a troubleshooter and a quick thinker. And I’ve used these qualities to design courses and books with Khit that provide experiential learning, targeted support, and guidance you need to apply the W.D. Gann Mathematical and Astrological trading systems to your trades.

    About You – Pick it up where you left off

    ... What if we could show you a way to make consistent profits part-time in the nook and cranny of your daily life

    …What if we could show you a way to work this consistently so you could reap the rewards like many of our students who made it – who crossed that bridge from a frustrated trader to a consistently profitable trader

    … help you powerfully pick it up where you left off, that is what we want to do.

    So I invite you to sign up for our Gann Trader Challenge: You’ll get 4-Week Access to Khit’s Astro Trade Alerts and Trading Genius Formula Module One; the Mathematical Algorithm is designed specifically to help you better understand the Cyclic Law, find the Magical Repeatable Number & the Safest Entry Point on any markets and timeframes you trade. Most importantly, it shows you the basic construct of a Cycle which is critical for understanding Gann’s writing

    [Astro Reset Masterclass] 4 Types of REPEATING CYCLES: Including Mercury Retrograde, the Sunspot and Son of Man Cycle Secrets Revealed.

    NEW PERSPECTIVE IS POWER! These are the Secrets That Have Taken My Most Successful Students to Create Hundreds Of Thousands of Wildly Profitable Trades!

    4 Week Access to the Astro Reset Masterclass for Just $1

    Khit Wong
    As Seen On:

    "Live a life that you can work anywhere and live everywhere – I left my hometown Hong Kong and moved to Boston 5 years ago!."

    - Agnes Lee

    I've thoroughly enjoyed my new life in the United States, especially my daily 5-min meditation along the beach. I passed the Grade 5 piano exam when I was an adolescent. I only got a bare pass in all my piano exams, I finally call it quits cos I felt like a failure. Inspired by the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, I’m re-learning how to play piano and I see a parallel with my trading journey! Did you ever quit trading cos you aren’t getting the results you want? We’ll show you a way to to pick it up where you left off and you can powerfully choose a life you want to live.

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