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Trading Genius Formula PART 2 

[Proof: 1,493 Dow Point Win in our Astro Trading Signal Group]

The C.O.R. Method | Learn How Traders Utilize a 3-D Math System for Entry, Exit, and Setting Profit Targets Ahead of RRL to Achieve Steady Big Profits.

Example Trade GBP/USD: Trading Genius Formula + Golden Number + COR = 676 Pips

Khit Wong
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The COR Method allows you FOREKNOW the Cycle's End before a Big Move Begins .

The hand symbol pinpoints the precise location where Khit predicted the cycle's conclusion prior to the next move. Using this, you can also pre-determine the Dark Energy and set an exact profit goal.

Want Proof? Scroll down to read the Dow Feb 2020 Trade below.

Dow Feb 2020

BTC/USD Feb 2020

USD/JPY Feb 2020

Meet Your W.D. Gann Trading Coach, Khit Wong

"To get a black belt, you don't take a written test. I put my money on the line and published my brokerage statement as proof of knowledge through my results."

What's a Full Cycle? It includes both up and down trend.

A common misconception is believing that when a cycle starts going up or down, that signals the cycle's conclusion.

In truth, a Full Cycle encompasses both a Rise and a Fall. In "Trading Genius Formula," you've been taught to navigate Price Action using the R.R.L.

To delve into the second part, it's essential to grasp the real essence of Time, which is represented by the C.O.R.

The C.O.R. METHOD provides that crucial element that completes the bigger picture: The Time Dimension!

Time isn't a straight path. That means the Past, Present, and Future aren't always sequential.

I discussed this concept in my "Astro Vol. One," released in 2011. The market often provides clues or indicators that suggest future happenings. That's how I accurately forecasted 6 Gold market peaks and troughs...

Scientific research in human neuroscience validated my cycle theory in 2014. This research identified predicting the unpredictable by sensing an event before it occurs.

Put simply, anticipating a future event can influence our present decisions and memories. Now, you might ask, how does this relate to trading and deciphering cycles in W.D. Gann's teachings? 

Grasping how past price actions foreshadow the future offers a trading advantage unparalleled by others. This insight allowed for early alerts to market shifts, like the conclusion of the Dow Jones cycle in Feb. 2020.  

The Proof is in the Trading: Here's what Khit shared with his clients in the Astro Trading Signal group - A whopping 1,493 Dow points win in 2 days

  • Feb 28: Top at 25500. Long when the market breaks 25500 with the RRL too

  • Mar 1: Long Dow, Close Stop at 25350 as further market volatility to come

  • Mar 2: Closeout at 25867- Exit with 300 Dow Points Win

  • Mar 2: Short-sell at 25893, Close Stop at 25975

  • Mar 2: Hit SL, Closeout at 25975, 83 Dow Points Loss

  • Mar 2: Short-sell at 25709, Close Stop at 26000

  • Mar 2: Closeout at 25233- Exit with 476 Dow Points Win

  • Mar 2: Long at 25230, Close Stop at 25000, Target 26600

  • Mar 2: Closeout at 26152- Exit with 800 Dow Points Win (Why did I close at 26152 and not 26600??? I'll explain that in a moment!)

  • If you look closely, there is a set of invisible Time & Price Factors that Khit watches closely for changes.

Price is the fundamental force that gives the earliest indication of when markets start to deviate from 'balance', and that's how Khit decided to long Dow on Mar 1.

He closed out his position on Mar 2 even though it didn’t hit the price target because TIME is more important than price.

The C.O.R. Method really cuts through noise and distraction. See there's a method to filter trades, Discern the Trend and its Direction, systematically clarifying Entries, Exits, and Close Stops.

Let's Hear What Our Trader Ted has to say about the C.O.R. Method

Ted said: "The COR Method is a very amazing, deep understanding of market movements and patterns....

You should think about getting the COR method because it'll suddenly almost amazingly give you the understanding of what's going to happen in the future. It'll aid your trading, give you a window into the future and allow you to make much more money in a much more clearer way. I like to focus on astrology as the basis of what I do in my trading and the COR Method via showing what happened in the past is going to repeat in the future and giving you a window into the future allows you to corroborate whatever astrological signals you might be using in a very efficacious way that'll make you make better correct decisions and be able to make more profit."

Ted E., USA

Meet Your Coach Khit Wong

  • Khit Wong's impressive track record speaks for itself, with a proven ability to deliver results and profitable market calls. He has been featured in several publications, including FXStreet.com, "Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities," and "Traders World." For over a decade, he has shared his Astro Market Forecasts through live webinars on platforms like FXStreet, Wave59, and TradingView.

    His willingness to share his knowledge through live webinars and the publication of brokerage statements sets him apart as a leader in the industry.

    With examples of impressive returns such as a 433% return in just 30 days using Trading Genius Formula, and a 359% return in just 2 days based on one of his Astro Trade Alerts, he made US$2,260 from Dow in 4 Days using his Moon Trading Method. His Trading Methods are worth paying attention to for anyone interested in trading success.

  • The C.O.R. Method Masterclass

    Here's What You'll Learn

    Video #1: The Time Secret - PAST-NOW-FUTURE are INTERTWINED

  • Cycle Part 2: A Full Cycle consists of an Up & a Down Trend. Combining with Trading Genius Formula, you'll learn what a Complete Cycle is. You can use that to find the Repeating Cycle and provide an additional confirmation to some of your own methods and research.

  • What is Time?: Understanding how past, now and future are interrelated give you a massive trading edge! I'll show you how the past 'construct' the future and how past price movement is HINTING you the future which is the foundation of the Cycle secrets.

  • Video #2: The "Wheel Within a Wheel" Secret

  • The Wheel Within A Wheel: You can see how the cycle repeats when I show you a 3-dimensional structure hidden under a 2-dimensional trading chart.

  • Confirmation Signal: As the past drops hints about the future event, you can enter the market in the first section instead of the second section, as taught in the Trading Genius Formula.

  • Video #3 - The 'Fibonnaci Ratio' Secret (Never Taught by Any Guru)

  • Cycle's DNA: You'll learn how the repeating cycles work, cycle replicates like a parent produces the daughter cells (Hint- You use this when you can't find RRL)

  • The Fibonacci Ratio Not Level- You'll learn the correct way of using Fibonacci level and how the repeating cycles work. The cycle replicates like a parent produces the daughter cells (Hint- You use this when you can't find RRL) 

  • Video #4 - The 'Ellipse' Secret - Dive Deeper into Dark Energy & Structure of a Cycle)

  • The Ellipse Secret (Dark Energy Part 2) - You'll learn how to use Ellipse to foreknow the dark energy in the chart and the structure of the cycle (Hint- You can't find it anywhere. It's designed by Khit Wong.)

  • Video #5 - My NEVER Published Tool from my VAULT (which Khit uses EVERYDAY)

  • The BeForeWarned Secrets: You'll learn how to APPLY a Tool Khit USES EVERYDAY to call the call the end of cycle AHEAD of our RRL signals and ALL conventional indicators you know of.

  • Khit's research on trading cycles has evolved with a focus on Mathematics and Natural Laws - think of it like the process of DNA replication.

    Hold on! How does DNA replication relate to the repeating trading cycles?

    Well, DNA contains all the instructions needed to produce a cell's proteins.

    Before it can make a new cell, it needs to duplicate, or REPLICATE, this information.

    This cycle of Replication, Reproduction, and Repeating is precisely how markets move.

    More importantly, it's the key to understanding how trading cycles repeat themselves.

    In a nutshell, the C.O.R. Method fuses the latest scientific revelations about TIME with the idea that trading cycles repeat, mirroring the process of biological DNA replication.

    Now, imagine trading where cycles unfold with the same precision and repeatability as DNA replication in biology. With 2-D (Trading Genius Formula) and 3-D Mathematics (the COR Method), make your trading as Predictable and Profitable as a well-oiled machine, eliminating the guesswork.

    I Want to Become a Consistently Profitable Trader!

    To your success,

    Khit Wong | Team Gann Explained

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