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W.D Gann Theory

1. How to begin to decode the Tunnel Thru the Air Chapter 7?

Question from Andrew?

Hi Khit, I've been studying WD Gann for a few years. The Tunnel Thru the Air Chapter 7 talks about the future cycle and tries to correlate what happened 1000 and 2000 years back with the 1900s. I've read it a few times. Can you share some insights on how to use this chapter well? Thanks, Andrew

Answer from Khit:

Here's a video to share how I use the TTTA Chapter 7 - and that's exactly how I made some of my accurate forecasts at Wave 59 back 10 years ago:
Best, Khit

2. What is DARK ENERGY, Price which must not be touched?

Question from Tony:

Hi Khit,I look forward to studying in your direction. Let's widen this topic on Dark Energy a little further. The term Dark Energy doesn't draw a solid useful picture in my mind, not in any way or form. Let us redefine Dark Energy to something like Vibrations active above the five senses range, yet always giving physical evidence of this higher action to the five senses or simply put, I Got Five On It... Some years ago now I had studied with Thomas Murrey, Murrey Math Trading. Murrey being the first to show energy centers working in markets. The five centers of what though (???) and that they attract the market towards these centers and then once the market is close to the actual energy center it would then repel the market energy away. After using the MM realtime software, that, yes the energy centers appear to attract and repel market action to and frow. But WHY? That answer I believe you now hold. To this day all physics and electrical engineering training states that electrical flow seeks the path of least resistance. OK... Why then is it that Lightning travels such an awkward path? To my eyes, there is only open space between the ground and clouds. But every lightning strike that I have witnessed appears to be traveling through an invisible obstacle course of some sort much like the way we see markets moving. Please see the attached photo. Should you have a moment, please do reply openly with your thoughts. All Good, Tony

Answer from Khit:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Tony. If you have followed the latest findings on physics, you will know the scientists are now finding how the two protons collide, is reacting the same way how our universe was born via the big bang theory. I used the term dark energy – because it controls the way our universe expands, and as well how it is controlling the market price growth as well. In the Tunnel Thru The Air Inner Circle, we have shown how the latest science (basically what physicist is finding the newest theory of time), confirms the same way that the TTTA/ Bible had described a hundred and thousand years ago). I haven’t studied Murrey’s material but yes there is a repel and attraction force when you see the market in astrological terms, which will also be taught in the Astro-trendline module, and you should understand more. In my experience, it is the depth of the understanding (other than the vast of understanding) that is important when it comes to learning and using WD Gann's materials. Murrey might have seen the same thing as me, but we describe it differently, and only via seeing these phenomena in multi-perspective will give you more understanding. Because they are not something common to us, and that we don’t see it in our everyday life (or we see it in our everyday life but do not understand why it happen, or we haven’t seen in via the right perspective or lens) Lightening via obstacle is an interesting thought. I think in the lightening process, it just try to connects to its next same-charged-particles in its shortest distance, in order to connects its way from the ground to the top. But this is good approach to study the market. In fact, my main research methodology is based on referencing with theories found in science/ nature and relate them back to the stock market price action. In my mind, there are just around 10-20 mathematical rules working on this earth, and the same rule will keep repeating/ manifest in different dimensions like in nature/ stock market/ society/ history, etc. And you will learn a few universal math rules from us. =) Here's a video to share with you which explained in greater details what I shared above - and that's exactly how I made some of my accurate forecasts at Wave 59 back 10 years ago:
Best, Khit

3. How to deal with Price Discrepancies when doing Gann Forecasting?

Question from Juan:

Hi Khit, ,I’ve been very blessed with all that I’ve been able to learn in the market but it’s a never ending endeavour and I’m always looking to learn and understand the market in greater depth and by learning from others it helps my quest to expand and connect the dots on market behaviour more and more. The main frustration I have about the markets is the varying open/close prices between data providers (especially in the oil futures and other commodities). Price discrepancies can be tricky to deal with when doing market forecasts. This day in age market data should be consistent and well standardized by all markets for all data providers and platforms but maybe it’s done this way on purpose to help throw off the short term speculators. Anyway, I look forward to learning more about your GANN based forecasting technique and your approach to trading. Regards!


Answer from Khit:

We have been addressing your said issue using the concept of “market sentiment”. However, this is an answer that cannot be fully solved, even if all data providers are giving the same price.

Here's why - Think of that, how many times you think this is strong resistance and the market breaks temporarily above your key resistance level, and then retrace back to the same side and move all the way down from there, killing your stop loss or spooked you from short selling.

I bet you have heard stories that one major investor/ director of a company went to bet against the investment bank and they just got called margin on their position and forced to close all positions before the market went the way they want.

Yes, big market makers can manipulate the market, but they cannot move beyond the repeating structure for very long.

We have a number of ways to judge whether or not a move is legit or not. The trick lies in finding the core repeating pattern in the market and trade with that.

In summary, the market has to stick to just their own implicit, mathematical rules, and yes it doesn’t randomly go up and down in the market. And the market does leave enough trace for us to trade, it is a matter of you can read them or not. I enjoy very much this conversation, send me your homework when it’s ready.



4. Question on finding Repeating Aspects for Prediction

Question from Grant:

Hello Khit how are you ? Could you please help me with a brief question . This is an example. My calculations indicate a low on the X October. On this date Helio Saturn is trine Earth. Then I go back and check all of the historical low dates and I can see that another major low came in on the X September 2021 with Helio Earth trine Saturn which is a repeating aspect and on the X October 2018 the main low comes in with Helio Earth square Pluto . So my calculated low date for the X October 2022 aligns with the first low and also a few days later Helio Earth will be applying to Pluto so basically I have two strong repeating aspects one on the 17th October and the next one on the 20th October and both of these aspects are connected to previous major lows . I believe a major low could O. It on either the 17th or 20th October in this example but not sure which date because they both have repeating aspects. Could you please assist me thank you Grant

Answer from Khit:

I suggest you find a bigger sample, don’t just focus on one commodity. Does this pattern also work on Forex and gold? If it is an Astro-law, it has to apply to all products, just like gravity working on all objects on earth.

I want to say the market is very dynamic; if you happen to find a static relationship between the stock market and the Astro phenomenon (e.g. helio/ geo aspect between some planets) gives a turn in the market and think this will last forever: I could tell you that because you did not find enough data to prove your theory wrong. The market sometimes does this 2 or 3 times, but you will only know when it will stop working if you understand the logic behind why it worked in the market the first time.

I can tell you upfront that this aspect does work, but it is different from how you think it would be used. There is a whole system behind which we taught in Astro books 1 & 2. Check out the video below.

The second point I will point out is: please use degree aspect with no orbs (e.g. 240.000 aspects), and try to see if your claim is still valid.

As some planet moves very slowly, they enter into the orbs of aspect for 10 days; then why do you pick the first day to give the turn, not the 4th day or the last day of that orb? The orbs are for someone who does not understand how to trade with astrology. So that they can still be "right" most of the time, read our One Moon Cycle to properly understand what is called true astrology; we use up to 3 decimal points.



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