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 Decoding W.D. Gann's Work with Free Astro and Mathematical Tools.  DON'T NEED Optuma, Solar Fire, Timing Solution and Fibonacci Level ANYMORE!

 Free Ephemeris

Great News for Gann Astro Traders: Free Ephemeris to find Moon & Planetary Longitude, Declination, Aspects, Ingress, Retrograde & Direct. No, you DON'T NEED Optuma, Solar Fire, Timing Solution, or the need to learn how to use Astro Software!

The FREE True Golden Number Calculator

Do You Want to Know If the Market Will Turn at 0.382, 0.5, 0.618 ,0.786, 1.272 or 1.618 level?

Get the ONE & Exact GOLDEN NUMBER WITHOUT waiting to blow through all Fibonacci Levels !

Put in the High, Low and Get the Exact Market Entry Point

Example Trade -  Oil Uptrend Entry WORKED!

Low: 100.27

High: 105.91

Trend: Up

Golden Number: 102.03

Example Trade -  Dow Downtrend Entry WORKED!

High: 35,382

Low: 34,533

Trend: Down

Golden Number: 35,112

Use the Calculator to find the Entry point FREE!

Golden Number

How to use the Golden Number Calculator?  Watch the video below

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The Astro Secrets

Discover The Astro Key to Correctly Enter, Exit & Lock Your Profit Without Spending Years Figuring out Planetary Lines, Full & New Moon Signals!
Note: P.92, 45 Years in Wall Street. W.D. Gann

Tunnel Thru the Air 1940 Decoded

Discover the top tips and must-haves to fast-track your progress on turning W.D. Gann's knowledge into trading profits.

Why Gann Angle Lines Don't Work?

Tip: Gann lines work on price action but astrology is missing. 
Note: Chapter 5, P.3 W.D. Gann Commodities Course
1. Geometric Angles - Scale is important

2. It's an Equilibrium Time when Time Square Price

The Must-Read Books to Decode W.D. Gann's Work

Discover Khit's 5 favorite book writers who have helped him to decode Gann’s work, one of the biggest secrets on how you should apply mathematical and astrological methods in your trading.

I Help You Unlock Gann's Code with the Astro Reset Masterclass for Just $1

There it is… You now hold the report card and paper trail of Khit's trading career. I WANT to give you a new perspective on Decoding Gann's Astrology that have taken my most successful students to create hundreds of thousands and wildly profitable trades!

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