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'I am NOT another “guru” that has never actually traded myself. My most prolific calls came from the LONG history and education of my own trading. I AM and WILL FOREVER BE an active trader. Why would you follow me if I’m unwilling to put my money on the line?" Khit Wong

Khit Wong

Here’s Proof of the Actual Returns from my Mathematical and Astrological Trading Methods:

Astro Vol. One & Two | Square of Nine | Son of Man | Moon Trading | Astro Trading | Anniversary Date| Gann Angle Line | Trading Genius Formula 

Nov. 2022 | How Khit Wong made $20,473 in 2 Days Using 3 Astro Signals; of which 2 (Dow and GBP/USD) are published in Astro Trade Alert Group (7X his Capital in 2 Days). The Oil trade is based on Khit's Unique Planetary Trading Method.

Please note: Trading is Difficult. Khit's result is not typical and most trades lose money. Click here to read the full disclaimer.

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Nov. 8, 2022 | Astro Trade Alert: Khit Wong made US$1,000 from JPY/USD in a Day. He has made a total of US$3,586 from on Astro Trade Alert in 2 days. 

Live Market Call inside the GBP/USD Astro Trade Alert Telegram Group -Short USD/JPY on Nov. 8th and Close All Positions on the same day. Khit made $1,000 Profit in a Day.

Khit JPY/USD Astro Trade Alert Result

Brokerage Statement on part of Khit's USD/JPY transactions. Please click the red button to read the full statement- from HK$29,044 (USD3,747) to HK$56,832 (USD7,333)

Khit JPY/USD Brokerage Statement
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Profited from USD/JPY Astro Trade Alert and Switched to Dow Astro Trade Alert the Next Day 👇 

Nov. 9, 2022 | Astro Trade Alert - Khit Wong made US$12,700 Profit From Dow in 2 days

Live Market Call inside the Dow Astro Trade Alert Telegram Group -Short Dow on Nov. 8th and Close All Positions on the same day. Khit grew his account from $800 to $13,500 Profit in 2 Days.

Dow Astro Trade Alert

May 2022 | How Khit Wong Grows His Account from $387 to $13737.1 in 4 Days Using the WD Gann Wheat Trade Secrets (35X his Capital in 4 Days)

WD Gann Wheat Trade Khit Wong Brokerage Statement
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June 2022 | Square of Nine - Khit Wong made US$3887.50 in 2 days

Khit gave this trading alert in the Gold Telegram Group.  He put his own money on the line and made US$3,887.50 in 2 Days using the Square of Nine book. 

Live Market Call inside the Gold Astro Trade Alert Telegram Group - Long Gold@1867 on June 3rd and Close All Positions @1877 on June 4th 202

WD Square of Nine 9 Trade Alert

July 2020 | Astro Trading - Khit Wong made US$2,620 from Dow in 4 Days with no drawdown using what he taught in Royale 14-Day Moon Cycle Book.

Made US$2,620 profits, a 270% Return in 4 Days

Close Time: 10 July, 2020 UTC

Initial Equity – HK$11,973 (US$1,535)

Close Equity – HK$32,410 (US$4,155)

Khit Wong Moon Trading Brokerage Statement

Jan 2017 | Trading Genius Formula Mathematical Trading - Once Khit found a right Trend, he was able to score a 433% return from HK$30,000 (US$4,000) to HK$130,000 (US$17,187.90) in a month on both the long and short side of the market.

Made US$13,187.90 profits, a 433% Return in 30 Days

Open Time: 1 Jan, 2017
Close Time: 25 Jan, 2017

Initial Equity – HK$31,000(US$4,000)

Close Equity – HK$133,206.50 (US$17,187.90)

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