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The Consistent Profit System: Real Traders Real Stories

Ted E.


W.D. Gann Trader




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I don’t see anybody in market history even WD Gann had predicted that far out and was able to get a lot of the bottoms and the tops so far away from where the prediction occurs.

Mohammed M.

Saudia Arabia

W.D. Gann Trader




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Joseph A.


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“The course so far has been an eye-opener for trading with a new fresh approach. 

Your mathematical mechanical Gann techniques and astro have taken me to a different trading dimension which I would never be aware it existed.”


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Khit Wong

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“After knowing the Trend Secrets, one could learn W.D. Gann’s simple tradable techniques from his famous Form Reading. It is applicable to market trend action and reaction.”

KK Chan

Hong Kong

I thought that the astrology sections would be hard but what you have shared is amazing not only because you don’t need to know any astrolike me, but this is the first time I have seen a way to covert time to price with zero effort or calculations.

Hiren P



The biggest secret is in the Foreword!! Most of the readers might miss this page or want to start reading as soon as they have finished the foreword.  My advice to you is, read the foreword itself for three times because W.D. Gann has plugged numerous significant...

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