Deciphering WD Gann's Genius: The 1909 Wyckoff Interview and the Union Pacific Forecast

Jul 06, 2023

Explore the depths of WD Gann's trading secrets through his 1909 interview with Richard D. Wyckoff. Uncover the Union Pacific Forecast and the powerful Law of Vibration in this enlightening journey into financial astrology and natural law.

20 years into my career as a WD Gann trader, I've experienced a rollercoaster of emotions – from stress and frustration to immense reward. Now, I'm here to make your journey into decoding Gann's methods, particularly through his famous 1909 interview with Richard D. Wyckoff, more accessible and enlightening.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into Gann's Union Pacific Forecast, exploring the intricate application of the Law of Vibration and how it intersects with the realms of financial astrology and natural law. This post aims to demystify Gann's trading system, offering insights on decoding WD Gann's books and harnessing his groundbreaking methods.

A vintage-inspired image showcasing an old-fashioned interview setting, featuring two men in early 20th-century attire, resembling William D. Gann abd Richard Wyckoff

These key quotations deserve your utmost focus from the Ticker and Investment Digest By Richard D. Wyckoff:

“Union Pacific's position stood at 172. The prediction was a rise to 184-7/8, with no further increase until a significant drop occurred. Indeed, the market obeyed, hitting 184-7/8 precisely and rebounding eight or nine times. It was systematically sold short with a limit of 185, never breaching this point. Ultimately, it regressed to 17.”

“After exhaustive research and investigations of the known sciences, I discovered that the law of vibration enabled me to accurately determine the exact points at which stocks or commodities should rise and fall within a given time.”

Source: Ticker and Investment Digest, Volume 5, Number 2, December 1909, page 54.

You've seen these quotes, but looking at them in a new way is like finding hidden treasures. Just like an Easter egg hunt, insights about timing in trading can be discovered through this fresh perspective.

Decoding Gann's Method: The Top 4 Revelations:

1. Untouchable Price Points: The Secret Behind Untriggered Stops

It's a universally known fact that Gann's calculations were founded on Natural Law. Hence, it's the logical starting point for decoding the secret.

Albert Einstein debunked the idea that space is not nothing.

The term 'Dark Energy', as dubbed by NASA, and one explanation for it is a property of ‘space.’

It is quantified based on its impact on the universe's expansion, constituting approximately 68% of the cosmos. Astronomers in the 90s made a groundbreaking discovery: the universe's expansion rate was accelerating, seemingly propelled by an invisible energy source.

This spurred a revelation:

Even in a trading chart, space is not empty. An unseen force averts the price from reaching specific parts of the chart!

As Gann predicted, the market stopped at $184-7/8 without touching the $185 mark.

This epiphany shed light on Dark Energy's role in explaining his Law of Vibration!

Repeating Vibratory Numbers not only dictates the implicit rule that steers the market;

But they also offer the Hidden Structure of the Cycle. This structure aids in identifying when the market halts its forward progression and makes a turn, thereby predicting the price destination within a set time frame by harnessing the Dark Energy present in the trading chart.

Note: Dark Energy is NOT the vacant space on the price chart.

It is an Invisible Energy Source that propels the price away from 'The Untouchable Price Point. It adheres to the laws of Physics. Picture a pendulum comprised of metal balls, demonstrating Momentum and Energy conservation laws. The residual momentum energy determines each candle's power. This pent-up energy leads to market rallies, plunges, or lateral movements.

Our Trading Genius Formula Program is based on a mathematical approach for calculating the remaining momentum and energy within a candle, determining the trajectory of a stock, commodity, cryptocurrency, or index. This trading system is completely objective and mathematical, devoid of subjective judgment about forming pressure lines by connecting certain tops or bottoms. We break it down into as simple as ninth-grade math.

2. Dark Energy, Astrology & News

Now comes the intriguing part - with a robust grasp of the Hidden Structure of the Cycle, we can leverage 'news,' a potent carrier of energy, as a dimension to pinpoint price acceleration points. As a firm believer in risk mitigation, I steer clear of betting on 'pre-news' releases and focus on trading the aftermath that naturally manifests within the time frame.

Occasionally, when the market is astrologically inclined to reach a specific price, it may leverage economic data releases to get there, or sometimes, without any apparent reason, it just goes there. Subsequently, the media conjures up an explanation for the move, which, in reality, was instigated by astrological forces.

Understanding the market astrologically enables you to filter out the daily noise churned out by the media.

Interestingly, on multiple occasions, I've observed that when the market is astrologically expected to head in a specific direction, the news acts as a catalyst, instigating the move.

For instance, an astrological setup on DJI on Saturday, 4th May, 00:56 am 2019 (Hong Kong Time), which was 3rd May 2019, Friday, 12:56 pm US Time. A few hours post sharing the setup with my Trading Genius Formula student, the DJI plummeted by 600+ Dow points, reaching 26,000.

Figure 1 proves how the astrological setup, fueled by the news, brought a freefall in the DJI market - DJI freefall with a drop of 600+ Dow points and hit 26,000!

Financial Astrology Dow Plunge and Donald Trump Tweets in 2019

Figure 2 is the news on Trump’s tweets corresponding to the news.

Figure 3. The move was predicted in our Market Study Group back in April 2019. The trading signal reads Sell DJI 26457, Target 26,000

This example illustrates how an astrological setup, amplified by the news, led to a steep fall in the DJI market. If you want to see the interlocking astrology and mathematics set at play, you can check out Astro Amplified Trading Genius Formula.

To witness the fascinating interaction of astrology and mathematics in market prediction firsthand, I invite you to explore the Astro Amplified Trading Genius Formula Program.

3. Law of Vibration - the Holy Grail for Every Gann Trader

The magnitude of price movement depends on the energy ready to be unleashed. However, the timing is purely astrological. Time and Price are two distinct dimensions.

If you aim to master the timing of a stock's movement, delve into astrology.

If your goal is to predict the amplitude of a stock's rise and fall, explore the energy component of the asset.

"Tunnel Thru the Air' Decoded: In Tunnel thru the Air, chapter 7, finding the correct starting cause is crucial. Once the inception point is identified, the future trajectory can be predicted. This chapter reveals the Most Important Astro Secret: the on-off switch controlling the Astro market. I’ve written about this never-revealed secret in the Mercury-Venus-Moon Cycle Book and our Tunnel Thru the Air Master Trader Program (Astro Vol 1 & 2 Books).

10+ Years Trading Proof of calls I made based on Astro Vol 1 & 2 is posted at this link: https://gannexplained.com/astro-vol1and2-results

4. Validating its Classification as a Natural Law

Consider stocks as centers of energy, just like atoms. Governed by mathematical principles, they generate their individual force fields, attracting or repelling, which elucidates why specific stocks sometimes spearhead the market and become dormant at other times (hint: the "on-off switch" secrets).

My quest for understanding Natural Law led me to diverse literature, including quantum physics, fractals, biology, weather patterns, history, the Bible, ancient literature, and Chinese astrology.

Here's my top tips for seeking Natural Law:

For speculation to be considered scientific, it must be consistent with the natural laws governing our understanding of the physical universe. For instance, e=mc2 is valid everywhere on Earth, irrespective of whether you are at the zenith of the Himalayan mountains or your home desk.

Our theory applies across all commodities and withstands the test of time, as stated by Gann. We've been operational for five years and have educated over 100 students, and our examples span multiple domains, including Bitcoin, Forex, Gold, and equity indexes, among others.

Final Thoughts and Invitation

I’ve been through highs and lows to decode Gann’s work. I’ve learned many lessons that I can only learn at the height of success and the depth of failure. Seeking the right association and taking the right actions are crucial to success. Never take advice from someone who can't provide concrete evidence, like brokerage statements, as proof of knowledge. Instead, strive to learn from an experienced trader rather than those who merely offer unproven and ambiguous theories.

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These are some of my most valuable insights. I pass it on to you.

Make the right choices.

Khit Wong