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 Timing the Market Energetic Window to within 15-30 Minutes

Discover the Stable, Repeatable Moon-Venus-Mercury Cycle that Fuels Fast Market Movements WITH A PLUG-AND-PLAY Market Case Study to Help You Implement Right Away.

  • "The most money is made when fast moves and extreme fluctuations occur at the end of major cycles." W.D. Gann

    Discover How To Make Venus-Mercury-Moon Cycle a Consistent, Stable and Predictable Cycle the Works in a Constantly Changing Dynamic World.

    #1. Discover a Fresh Perspective on Finding Stable, Dynamic and Predictive Astro Cycles That Have Never Been Revealed.

    #2. CASE STUDY: Khit made 1087 pips in 11 days on GBP/USD in 2021 and a walkthrough on how it can be applied to any markets.

    #3. Understanding on How Venus, Mercury, and Moon cycle really works and how it helps you catch fast moves in the market and a Step-By-Step implementation.

    #4. Pinning Down the Exact Time: There is no ambiguity in the price entry because we use 3 decimal points on a one-hour ephemeris table.

    #5. No Extra Fee. You've paid a lot for neat functions and spreadsheet printouts from expensive Astro software, which is unnecessary. Only ephemeris is required.

    #6. 1:1 40-Day Mentorship with Khit: Using a New Lens: Like our students Ted, Mark, and John, you'd be able to understand Gann's work differently.

    What Does Khit Mean By Seeing Gann's Work Thru a New Lens? 

    Here's an example of what you need unlearn to find a Stable, Dynamic and Predictive Astro Cycles

    And You've probably known it already...

    Saturn and hard aspects (square or opposition) do not necessarily negatively affect the price. Likewise, Jupiter or soft aspect (trine) may not prominently increase price swing. Think about this - if certain planets or aspects define good or bad, rally or plunge, Astro traders should become millionaires. Say, a trine aspect applies to Gold and the US dollar causes a drop in Gold and a rally in USD. Is the trine considered to be a good or bad aspect?

    Here's a quick answer. You cannot find specific Repeatable Fast Moving Astro cycles in the market because not all electromagnetic energy is created equal. You need to know how the different energy works with each other and accentuate the Energetic Time Window that causes the Big Market Moves in the market.


    You've to recognize that the World is Dynamic, Constantly Changing, and relying solely on 'Static' Planetary Pairs & Aspects for Predictions are Detrimental. 

    Static ≠ Stable ≠ Repeatable ≠ Predictable

    The Prediction Looks like this!

    Here's a Fast Market Corridor Trade looks like. Time is Accurate to the exact of 15-30 minutes, and the Euro moved over 120pips in this energetic 26-hour trading period.

    A "Plug-and-Play" Case Study To Help You Learn & Implement Right Away

    CASE STUDY: Khit made 1087 pips in 11 days on GBP/USD in 2021 and it can be applied to any markets. The best part is, you can use option trading to boost your profits!

    Learn More About the Stable Venus-Mercury-Moon Cycle
    Yep! I want to Foreknow the Timing of the Market Energetic Window!

    What People Are Saying

    I'm Fully Satisfied...

    The stable Venus-Mercury-Moon Cycle obviously give you great shorter term cycles that even a day trader could potentially use knowing these dates at a time and how these particulars planets and cycles are to determine the direction of the trend and use the trend to essentially intraday or day trade or take compositions that a few days or even a few weeks once you know how this the planetary cycle is influencing and driving a particular market that's how I intend to use it. I'm fully satisfied of how it works I back tested it to my own satisfaction and it'll be one of my probably going forward it will be one of my preferred trading tools to forecast and trade with going into the future.

    - John M., Canada

    Meet Khit Wong

  • Khit Wong's impressive track record speaks for itself, with a proven ability to deliver results and profitable market calls. He has been featured in several publications, including FXStreet.com, "Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities," and "Traders World." For over a decade, he has shared his Astro Market Forecasts through live webinars on platforms like FXStreet, Wave59, and TradingView.

    His willingness to share his knowledge through live webinars and the publication of brokerage statements sets him apart as a leader in the industry.

    With examples of impressive returns such as a 433% return in just 30 days using Trading Genius Formula, and a 359% return in just 2 days based on one of his Astro Trade Alerts, he made US$2,260 from Dow in 4 Days using his Moon Trading Method. His Trading Methods are worth paying attention to for anyone interested in trading success.


    Limited Time Offer with 2 Amazing Bonuses

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    (ORIGINAL PRICE: $5000)

    The Bundle includes

  • The Stable Venus-Mercury-Moon Cycle Book

  • 2021 BRITISH POUNDS PLUG & PLAY CASE STUDY FREE: A step-by-step walkthrough on Khit Made 1087 pips in 11 BIG BUCKS TRADING Days, so you apply the same process, plan your schedule and get ready to take profits soon!

  • 40 Days 1:1 Email Support with Khit: You can send your questions and trades related to the book directly to Khit's inbox to get clarity and answers. 

  • Learn More About the Stable Venus-Mercury-Moon Cycle
    Yep! I want to Foreknow the Timing of the Market Energetic Window!

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