How Khit Grows His Account from $387 to $13737.1 in 4 Days Using the WD Gann Wheat Trade Secrets (Brokerage Statement attached)

Jun 09, 2022


That’s the amount of CASH COLLECTED he has generated in the last 4 days using the Wheat Trade Secret.  

(Note: The Base Currency on my Brokerage Statement is HKD. Refer to the text marked in red for conversion in USD.) 

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We’d bet you always wanted to know the Gann’s Wheat Trade Secrets—always. It is Khit's secret weapon to make $13,350.1 in 4 days and get him to the trading business and lifestyle I’ve always dreamed about.

If you want to know how he does it, give yourself undivided attention and read the rest of this post.

He is breaking every rule that every Gann ‘guru’ proclaims when it comes to deciphering the Wheat Trade.

Don’t listen to gurus who ask you to analyze the Synodic Cycle between 2 planets. They believe the Synodic cycle controls both the price movement and timing, and that’s WRONG.

THE SECRET:  Time & Price are not one entity; we need to SEPARATE them into two equations.

Secret #1: Time is independent of price momentum

Gann said: ‘If it does not touch $1.20 by the close of the market, it will prove that there is something wrong with my whole calculation method. I do not care what the price is now; it must go there.’

Gann’s trading principles are based on correctly identifying the beginning and end of the underlying cycles. Time is governed by astrology, and you need to identify the dominant cycle timing the financial asset you’re trading. 

Secret #2: Price is reflected in the remaining energy stored in the candle

According to Gann, ‘Every top or bottom in wheat or other commodities comes out by an exact mathematical proportion (the interlocking squares and triangles) to some other top or bottom.’

Here’s how Gann's mathematics works. It works like Physics. Think of the metal balls swinging pendulum; it shows the law about conservation of Momentum and Energy. The energy runs through the balls of the candles. The power of each candle is ruled by the amount of momentum energy remaining in it. The stored energy will be released to the market, causing a rally, plunge, or sideways movement. There is a mathematical approach to calculating the momentum and energy remaining in the candle that governs the movement of a stock, commodity, cryptocurrency, or index, and that’s the core of our Trading Genius Formula.

CONCLUSION: The market has the flexibility to move until it reaches the exact time. 


Gann predicted that the price of Sept Wheat would have risen to $1.20 by the end of trading for that contract (September 30th). 

At that time, Wheat's average daily range was only 1 cent.

And the September Wheat contract had never traded above $1.12 and 7/8 in the entire life of the trading contract.

And at noon on Sept 30, 1909, the very last day of trading, with only an hour and 20 minutes to go, September wheat was trading at $1.07.

In less than an hour and 15 mins after noon, Wheat had made a record-breaking 13 cents move at WD Gann’s predicted price of $1.20 and no higher.

IMPORTANT:  The market does not have a specific price to abide by at every single second, but only at a critical time, the cycle beginning or end.

This also explains why there are always failed breakouts in the market because the eventual price is higher than the maximum energy confined in the price movement. In Trading Genius Formula, we share the Gann-inspired mathematical formula that uncovers the calculation of the total energy release that causes the momentum in the market and the change of trend.

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