Discover How Khit Wong Uses W.D. Gann Mathematical Secrets to Trade Dow Jones Futures Swing As Covid-19 Cases Rise

Feb 04, 2022

‘What are your thoughts on the current market pullback? It’s wide-ranging, affecting all markets.’

That’s the question I’ve been asked a lot lately.

A bunch of news on Covid-19 and distractions flies out of the woodwork. And today’s surprise – the Fed rate was cut.

You find it even harder to know where the place to get in and out cuz of the NOISE.

If you find yourself in this situation, focus on the Time Factor.

GANN stated: “The TIME FACTOR is the most important. When TIME is up, Time or Space movements will reverse.”

Mr. Gann also said, “Remember that the “overbalancing” of TIME is the most important indication of a change in trend.

Time tells you when the market stops its trend and goes in the other direction. An overbalance of time is the single most important indication of a change in trend. If you know the time changes in the markets, then your chances of success will be increased many folds. 

Let me illustrate this concept with the trades I’ve shared with my students and clients in my Telegram group- 

PS. Why did I close at 26152 and not 26600??? I’ll explain that in a moment!

Here’s what it looked like when I plotted all the Buy and Sell Points using W.D. Gann’s Trend Secrets on the DJI Chart on March 1 & 2, 2020

A whopping 1,493 Dow points win in 2 days.


If you look closely, there is a set of invisible Time & Price Factors that I watch closely for changes.

Price is the fundamental force that gives the earliest indication of when markets start to deviate from ‘balance’, and that’s how I decided to long Dow on Mar 1. I closed out my position on Mar 2 even though it didn’t hit my price target cuz TIME is more important than price.  

See there’s a method to filter trades, systematically clarifying the entries and exits using Time, Price, and Close Stops.

My system, Trading Genius Formula, really cuts through noise and distraction.  I break down our unique mathematical formula step by step for finding the safest buying and selling points, just like the Dow example above.

The Time Factor is the THIRD step in my 7-Step CATCHER Framework of the Trading Genius Formula.

Being a Consistently Profitable Trader is so much easier when you know the 7-Step Trading Genius Formula CATCHER Framework

Cyclic Law

A-Player Trader System

The Time Factor

Close Stops (Dark Energy, The Price that Would Not Be Touched, just like the US Steel Prediction example)

High Reward

Exit Highway

Repeated Moves  

Trading Genius Formula is based on my 20 years of trading experience, 90% of Gann’s original manuscripts I collected throughout my research journey, and my Astro Vol One that accurately predicted the 6 Tops & Bottoms of the Gold Market between 2011-2016. (The Astro Vol. One is the book that got my name out at FX Street, the Tradersworld Magazine, and Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities in the USA.)

Uncovering Gann’s mathematical secrets alone have radically changed the way my students trade and successfully ended their frustrations of being inconsistent traders.

I really want to give you a whole new way of looking at Gann’s work. I want to help you view the market as a science, and introduce you to the CATCHER framework that will help you stop bouncing from one Gann tool to another, and finally put an end to your frustration.

Want to profit from the Mathematical Formula?  

For a limited time, I WANT to give you this skillset in the 4-Week W.D. Gann Trader Challenge. I’ve done the heavy lifting. Gann himself said, “The future is but a repetition of the past.” This challenge is simple and duplicatable on purpose. This way, you can place trades with confidence while “holding my hand” to learn along the way and not waste years figuring it out alone. My Mathematical Trading Tool and Astro Trading Alerts take away the second-guessing, hours spent flipping through your 12-inch pile of notes, and being forced to figure it out alone. Join our Gann Traders Movement now: https://learn.gannexplained.com/trade-like-wd-gann-challenge