The WD Gann Astrological Model that Accurately Predicts Time & Price Action

Feb 04, 2022

WD Gann Geometric Pattern Repeats - 4-dimensional market

This post was made real-time on Tradingview.com with Timestamps Without Cherry Picking – I like Tradingview.com because is an unforgiving platform. I hate to be associated with some WD Gann scammers, and that’s why I choose it. Once your post is up on Tradingview, you are not allowed to Edit, Manipulate or Delete your forecast after. NOW, if you ponder about the accuracy of my projections, click the link below, hit the arrow on the chart. It will show you how the market unfolds vs. my prediction. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/tklfdJgJ-Bitcoin-Holy-Grail-WD-Gann-Trading-Method/



A Long/Buy Bitcoin Call on Jan 4th, 2020

– movement and direction as marked with the green thin line on the chart


– Movement as indicated by the green line, a $1800+ gain


Financial Astrology

My Approach to Decoding W.D. Gann’s work, cycles, and financial astrology

I use growth patterns and cycles that I found in general physics, quantum physics, fractals, biology, weather patterns, history, Western & Chinese astrology, the Bible, and ancient literature & apply them back to the financial market movement. (the stock, forex, commodities, indexes, and cryptocurrencies markets)

I can tell you authentic financial astrology is very different from what you can find on the internet, in books, and in content in the public domain. Are you just bouncing from one course to another with no real loyalty or results?

Because I see a lot of traders doing that. They told me they got scammed over and over again by some Gann gurus out there.

Here’s the thing. Not because we made every single client happy or because everyone who bought it became rich.

But because those who believed it could work, and committed to trying until they succeeded saw insane results.

Most notably, we had 3 clients who have made some good profits. 1 of those got 7 wins out of 8 trades, and his brokerage statement is shown on our website.

And the fact that these successful traders still want to get all my new books and courses says a lot. You can head to our testimonial section or Youtube channel to take a look at it.

Where do you start?

You can get our One Moon Cycle book, not only you can catch some big moves and you’ll get what I meant by calling a market turn down to 3 decimals points and to the exact of 1 pip and 1 trading hour. Financial astrology is a super precise science that you are yet to explore! Check out the One Moon Cycle book here: https://astro.gannexplained.com/one-moon-cycle