How Should I Research W.D. Gann's Work and Make Money FAST?

Jan 06, 2022

The 3 Top Tips to Fast-Track Your Progress plus a Resource List

When it comes to emulating W.D. Gann’s outstanding forecasting skills, most W.D. Gann enthusiasts would agree the one thing you need to do is decode his book Tunnel Through the Air. As W.D. Gann himself has written in the foreword, it contains a valuable secret, clothed in veiled language…and when you read it a third time, a new light will dawn.

W.D. Gann was quite unwilling to explicitly reveal his time factor or secrets in his books and courses.

Recently, I’ve interviewed many traders and most of them find W.D. Gann’s books are very time-consuming and difficult to learn; and the reason why traders like yourself persist for 5, 10, and 15 years is that its a methodology, that once mastered, will produce a great profit.

I have studied W.D.Gann’s Stock & Commodity Market Trading Courses and his book Tunnel Thru The Air and I fully understand you will find it very frustrating, near impossible, without a roadmap and someone putting it all together for you.

Ultimately, we all want to make profits from our trades sooner, and not in another 5 or 10 years. Here are the 3 top tips for action takers who want to fast-track the process and get quick results.

Tip #1:  Learn W.D. Gann’s Mechanical Trading and Monetize Your Skills Now

Tunnel Thru The Air is an equivalent of a PhD course in W.D. Gann’s curriculum of studies. Before you jump into decoding Tunnel Thru The Air, I recommend you learn mechanical trading skills like how to detect the change of a trend. 

What’s great about learning mechanical trading skills is before you commit 5 to 10 years to decode Tunnel Thru The Air, you can begin to realize profitability while you are learning the deep secrets of W.D. Gann trading strategies. You can start learning from here:

Tip #2:  Useful Resources for Studying W.D. Gann’s Work

What’s great about learning mechanical trading skills is before you commit 5 to 10 years to decode Tunnel Thru The Air, you can begin to realize profitability while you are learning the deep secrets of W.D. Gann trading strategies.

The most time-intensive but rewarding process is the path to learning the advanced mathematical and astrological solutions of time and price coming together. Be warned, it takes a lot of time to research, understand and apply the materials on your trades and my intention in putting together the resource list below is to put you on the right track.

Here are some of the useful resources I’ve used in my research:

  1. Moon Beam Thru the Tunnel by Petter Ivar Amundsen. You can download it from for free. This article will give you a better understanding of the depth of W.D. Gann’s writing and inspires you to investigate its mysteries. For example, the frequent use of the number 69. In fact, Jonah (the key of the book) is on page 69. 69 also symbolizes the zodiac cancer sign.
  2. The Tunnel Lodge Group Notes: Peter was a highly successful businessman and formed a ‘tunnel’ lodge group in 1996 in the USA with less than 10 people to decode Tunnel Thru the Air. They divided themselves into two smaller groups; one is a Natal Group and the other a mathematics group. The group was dissolved after 5 years because it had taken up too much of their private time. They had some really good insights and they held a one-hour seminar at a trading Conference in 1994  and I’m fortunate to have access to it. It is a Must-Have for studying Gann’s method and improving your trading results.  
  3. Bonnie Hill’s Natal Dates: Bonnie Hill was a member of the Lodge Group, and here’s her natal information on Forex, Commodities, Stock, Gold, etc. Click here to get the info on natal dates
  4. The 1909 Ticker and Investment Digest interview are very useful in conjoining most of the price & time concepts presented in his two trading courses. W.D. Gann used the same writing style in the foreword of his novel The Tunnel Thru The Air.
  5. Read George Bayer’s Books: George Bayer and W.D. Gann wrote on the same subjects, cycle and time. I personally found George Bayer was more direct in his writing style. I have decoded Rule #17 and have successfully predicted the Dow Jones Index in the recent decade.

You must also research into inversions – certain aspects and planet combinations hit right on the money several pivots in a row. Then all of a sudden, it stops working. For backtesting, if you do it on your own, you might also need to invest around $15,000 for past data. I have come up with a method that you won’t need to retrieve past data to learn Astros trading, and that would save your investment in data. For those who are interested to know more about inversions, then I highly recommend you join my Tunnel Thru The Air Inner Circle Group to decode Gann’s work together!  

Tip #3: Get Original Course Books and Avoid Reprints

When it comes to researching W.D. Gann’s work, you must get the original materials. As mentioned in Tip #2. many of the ‘valuable secrets’ that really work are not confined to the content of the books but subtlety revealed on the book cover illustration, the page numbers of the book, etc. This applies to Tunnel Thru the Air and his two books on Stock and Commodity Market Trading Courses.

Next, want to get some Actionable Content to discover your Success Path to becoming a Profitable Gann Trader?

Studying W.D. Gann has been rewarding to me both financially and as a journey of self-discovery. That being said, I know it’s not the easiest path, and you might sometimes feel lonely and frustrated. I know cos I’ve been there myself.  

The above might seem really daunting to you. Our first step is to guide you in unlearning the most 3 common astrological prediction techniques and discovering the untold truth about Gann's planetary cycle secrets without wasting over 10 years of research heading in the wrong direction. Sign up for our $1 Astro Reset Masterclass to take this crucial first step.

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