The biggest secret is in the Foreword!!

Most of the readers might miss this page or want to start reading as soon as they have finished the foreword.  My advice to you is, read the foreword itself for three times because W.D. Gann has plugged numerous significant keywords and phrases into the foreword that set the stage for us to decipher the book.

I often wonder how only a few readers would stop and read the foreword three times, especially as Gann wrote: “When you read it the third time, a new light will dawn.”

From what I extracted from The Tunnel Thru The Air, I realized that there are at least two layers in this book.  One layer is where words and understandings are explicitly spelled out and explained whilst the second level is what we call the layer of “In silence, by silence, through silence were all things made”. It’s these multiple layers of meaning that make this methodology a challenge to learn.

Let me share with you a few gold nuggets.

The Bible quote “seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you” in the foreword;

You might think it’s just a plain Bible quote which says something like ‘If you desire something, go search for it, then you will find it’.  If you pay close attention to this quote in foreword, it leads to the most important page of the book- Chapter VII, page 75 in which the same quote appeared again: “Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened on to you”.  And this time, the full Matthew 7:7 phrase was quoted. 

Since the foreword quote is mentioned again, we should pay focus attention to the chapter and should probably read the chapter three times also.   And guess what? This chapter is the only place where Robert Gordon (W.D. Gann)openly explains the basis of his prediction. By repeating the Bible quote in the foreword, W.D. Gann has pointed us in the direction to put all the pieces together.

Here’s another example “a BOOK, to be worth reading must do more than amuse and interest. It must be instructive to be of real value to the reader. This book has a three-fold purpose…”

Like the Matthew 7:7 phrase. The word “BOOK”, in all capital letters, was written two times in the novel: in the foreword and in chapter VII page 83.  It reads “The Bible is the BOOK of all books, and if we only study it and understand it, we can gain a proper knowledge of all things. I believe it is the duty of any man who understands science and mathematics and the cycle theory and knows what is coming, to warn the people in order that they may prepare for trouble ahead.” 

And if you would now go back to page 78 where Robert Gordon says “I have always look for causes when once I determine a cause I can always be sure of the effect or future event which I predict. IT IS NOT MY AIM TO EXPLAIN THE CAUSE OF CYCLES. The general public is not yet ready for it and probably would not understand and believe it if I explained it.” 

The question to you is, would you like to know the cause of cycles?

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