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Gann Simplified Trading Room | Educational & Mentoring Service for Gann Traders

Catch Home Run Trades with Calculated Risk - No Expensive Books Needed!

And the Opportunity to Decode Gann’s Work through Reverse-Engineering Khit's Trading Signals!

Every single one of us has seen Gann's trading magic, right?

Maybe that's how you started—you have invested time and money hoping to master Astrology, Gann Fan, and the Square of Nine, dreaming about trading your way to freedom, imagining a life where you can work from anywhere and enjoy a cozy income, even after retirement.

Imagine being able to predict the right time to buy or sell and hitting those price targets with precision and ease.

Picture this: No more slaving away at your computer all day. Instead, find the perfect time to place a profitable trade in advance, giving you more freedom to do what you love. No more missing out on your kids' milestones or stressing over bills. Make your trading journey a profitable reality.

Sounds good?

Say Goodbye to Costly Books and Courses!

Imagine cutting through the noise and starting your trading journey efficiently. Our Gann Simplified Trading Room is a great way to start.

What Is Gann Simplified Trading Room?

Gann Simplified Trading Room is an educational and mentoring service for traders. We’re here to help you catch Big Market Moves and potentially generate BIG profits by taking small, calculated risks.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

About me, Khit Wong. Far from your average trader, my journey didn't start on Wall Street. Yet, my insights have found their way into FXStreet, Stocks & Commodities, and Tradersworld. 

The Decade of Grit and Mastery 20 years of dedication—fueled by passion, mentors, and relentless trial and error. Guided by book mentors, it required blood, sweat, tears, countless losing trades, and endless hours of experience.

My $20,000 Investment in Gann's Work Included Research & Notes You Can't Find Anywhere on Internet Now! 

  • Bonnie Hill: A 1994 conference on her findings related to planetary aspects and natal astrology.

  • Petter Ivar Amundsen on Groundbreaking code discovered in W.D. Gann’s novel "The Tunnel Thru the Air" and his Tunnel Lodge Group Research & Notes.

  • I cracked Gann’s code. I even published Astro Volumes 1 & 2—guides to uncovering hidden secrets of planetary pairs and aspects that predict market rallies and plunges. These volumes teach you how to identify these signals and know exactly when they stop working.

    My track record? Check out my forecasts on wave59.com, live webinar market calls, tradingview.com analyses, and exclusive trading signals for the past 15 years, my methods have consistently led the pack.

    Decoding Gann’s methods for Consistent Profits. I'm not promising overnight success. I’ve been trading for over 20 years, and your results will and may vary with me. My goal is simple: to shorten your learning curve.

    Why Traditional Gann Studies Have Failed You?

    The conventional approach hasn't set you up for success. You're sifting through the Gann Fan, Square of Nine, and more, hoping for profit. But without a solid system, it’s a road to nowhere.

    The Missing Pieces in Gann's Approach Gann emphasized safeguarding capital and minimizing losses. Yet, crucial details like position sizing and stop-loss strategies were missing. That’s where we step in.

    Introducing Gann Simplified Trading Room: Your Key to Trading Success

    Dive into a world where you start Trading with Confidence, Discipline and Caution. Joining us means you get the inside scoop on tools and insights to supercharge your trading skills.

  • Monthly Watchlist: Leveraging my Astro Vol. 1 & 2 formula to highlight the most profitable markets each month.

  • Direct Trading Signals: Personalized entry, exit, stop loss, and profit targets, complete with timing.

  • Exclusive Money Management App: Manage risk with small initial positions continuously improve entry prices using the Sell-Exit-Resell or Buy-Exit-Rebuy methods, without calculation errors.

  • Knowledge Hub: Educational Resources such as short video clips and notes on implementing my trading signals according to your risk tolerance.

  • A Community of Traders: Engage with me directly on the SimpleX app for real-time discussions on my trades.

  • Top 3 Benefits of Trading Like with Khit Wong

    Real-Time Trading Signals & Execution

    Experience real-time trading and see how I make real money. Winning and losing signals are part of the process; I don’t guarantee profits, but I'm here to answer all your questions and help you implement my signals using our Knowledge Hub and Money Management app.  

    This March gave us a perfect example of what looks like in our trading room. We caught a fantastic trend in the Dow, nailed our timing and profit targets right on the timing. While we do experience losing trades, our strategy focuses on hitting home runs and minimizing losses to mere paper cuts.

  • Real-Time Trading Signals: The same ones I put my money on? Yours.

  • A Game-Changing Money Management System: Aiming to hit financial home runs or take paper cut losses as you analyze and execute my best trade ideas LIVE... Rinse and repeat!? Consider it DONE.

  • Simplicity Over Complexity: Focus 100% on Improving Your Trading and Stop the endless search for the 'Holy Grail'? Absolutely.

  • Reverse-Engineering My Trades to Decode Gann? My student Mark did that!

    My student, Mark, uses my entry points, stop losses, and timing to delve deeper into W.D. Gann’s books, notes, and courses. Mark shared, “I’ll go back and look at the points and the stop losses of Khit’s Astro Trading Signals, try to get a deeper understanding behind them, and then tie that in with the study.” With this new perspective, Mark has transformed into a profitable trader. He proudly shares that his retirement has become a "re-fire-ment!

    Successful Examples for Reverse-Engineering Revealed

    I reveal the methods behind some of my winning signals, allowing you to crack Gann’s code based on my entry, exit and profit target signals. Here are a few examples:

  • Gann's Moon Trading Secrets? Use the trading signals entry and exit points to cross-check your own analysis, and you'll begin to see Gann's work through a different lens.

  • Gann's Square of Nine Trading Secrets? Use the entry and exit points to validate your own analysis, and you'll start to get into Gann's mind and find some secrets hidden in plain sight.

  • Ready to Transform Your Trading Journey?

    Don’t miss this opportunity to join a community of traders who are already seeing results. Click the link below to start your FREE 21-day trial and take the first step towards trading success with Khit Wong.

    Your Success, Our Mission.

    Our trading room is praised for:

  • Spot Profitable Trends: Trading Signals pinpoint significant market movements, steering clear of stagnant conditions to highlight profitable trends.

  • Early Warning System: Offers an advanced alert system, preparing traders for major market events ahead of time.

  • Calculated Positioning: Employs techniques for cautious yet effective position sizing, ensuring hitting profit goal or stop losses without the stress.

  • Educational Insight: Provides deep insights into rationale behind the movement, making trading not only effective but also educational.

  • Peaceful of Mind: Experience the comfort of trading without losing sleep!

  • What People Are Saying!

    ''Not only is it a good algorithm that predicts the future but it unlocks an area of the market that typically many many times more often than not gives you. A very sizable large trade that you can just sit in there and do very well with." 

    Thank you,

    Ted E. USA

    One Winning Trade paid for years of signal subscription fee...

    ''Khit and the methodology derived from Gann... I have confidence in it you know I don't worry I put it on and get excited and then some like I said before trying to understand it but I think now I'm getting the confidence to go bigger and the more studying I'm doing, I get the confidence to have a bigger bank and put more investments.

    Thank you,

    Mark F., England

    Q&A About Joining the Ranks of Profitable W.D. Gann Traders

    Q: ‘’Who should join Gann Simplified Trading Room?''

    Gann Simplified Trading Room (GST) is perfect for traders eager to tap into my trading expertise and directly apply these insights to their own trading strategies.

    Q: ‘’What’s the cost after the 21-Day free trial?''

    Enjoy a free 21-day trial, followed by Automatic Monthly Billing of $100.00. You have the option to cancel the service prior to the next renewal date. You are entitled to only one trial period. You will be removed if you attempt to enter the trial again.

    Q: ‘’What's included in the Monthly Membership?''

    Monthly Watchlist: Utilizes my Astro Vol. 1 & 2 formula to identify profitable markets monthly.

    Direct Trading Signals: Offers personalized trading details including entry, exit, profit targets, stop loss levels, and timing to guide your trades.

    Exclusive Money Management App: A custom app designed to manage risk with small initial positions continuously improve entry prices using the Sell-Exit-Resell or Buy-Exit-Rebuy method

    Educational Resources: Features short videos and notes on applying trading signals to match your risk level.

    Community of Traders: Access to real-time trade discussions with me on the SimpleX app.

    Q: ‘’Which markets does GST cover?"

    GST provides detailed signals for diverse markets, including the Dow, Nasdaq, Oil, GBP, JPY, Gold, and BTC.

    Q: ‘’Is there a community or chat group?''

    Absolutely! We have an exclusive chat group on the Simplex App, a space for you to ask questions and engage with fellow traders. The app is available for free on both Apple and Android app stores.

    Q: ‘’How many signals per month?''

    I believe in capturing big market movements and it takes one big profitable trade a month to stay consistent profitable. In the unlikely event that no trade alerts are given during a particular month, we'll offer you a free month.

    Q: ‘’Is there a refund policy?''

    No, there are no refunds for our service. Our subscription service operates on a monthly basis, and you have the option to cancel the service prior to the next renewal date.

    Khit Wong and all members of Gann Explained LLC are NOT financial advisors, and nothing they say are meant to be a recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument. All information is strictly educational and/or opinion.

  • So Let Me Ask, What Are You Waiting For?

    How much longer will you press pause on your trading dreams?

    How long will you stand by, watching others capture their fortune, while your potential remains untapped?

    If my journey and the insights from Gann Simplified Trading Room resonate with you, if you believe this is the key to unlocking your trading success, then it's time to step up. Commit to your future and join us today.

    Still on the fence? That's okay. I'm grateful you've come this far, but perhaps this path isn't for everyone.

    However, if there's a spark in you, a readiness to transform your trading, or if you've been searching for the right strategy without success, then this is your moment.

    Seize this opportunity, sign up for the 21-Day FREE TRIAL, and let's embark on this journey to success together.

    What Others Are Saying... (verified buyers)

    Andrew from Australia:

    "You brought us along for the journey rather than leaving it just as a market call...

    The signals helped me stalk for trades with increased confidence in trend direction. I was able to catch some nice moves, sometimes trading multiple times within the guidelines of the signal. I also had not traded gold or US indices before, mainly focusing on FX pairs, so the signals broadened my trading exposure. I also liked your additional commentary to share your up-to-date thinking on previous signals."

    John M. from Canada:

    "I've reviewed other Signal Services...

    in the past and the set-up on your service seems to work quite well."

    Steve B. from England:

    "It's Good to get Real-Time Alerts...

    I like when it's put in a simple format of entry, stop loss, target profit."

    Mark F. from England:

    "I liked that a timely heads up would come through alerting me to Gann Theory Based Opportunities...

    which could then be actively followed. Then any corrections, follow ups would come through needed based on your activity."

    Disclaimer: Khit Wong and all members of Gann Explained LLC are NOT financial advisors, and nothing they say are meant to be a recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument. All information is strictly educational and/or opinion.

    By reading this, you agree to all of the following: You understand this to be an expression of opinions and not professional advice. Any opinions, news, research, analysis, prices, or other information contained on this website is provided as general market commentary and education and does not constitute advice. The brand name of Gann Explained LLC, will not accept liability for any loss or damage, including without limitation to, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information. You are solely responsible for the use of any content and hold Khit Wong, Gann Explained LLC and all members harmless in any event or claim.

    FTC DISCLOSURE: Any income claims shared by my students, friends, or clients are understood to be true and accurate, but are not verified in any way. Always do your own due diligence and use your own judgment when making buying decisions and investments in your business.

    Gann Explained may express or utilize testimonials brokerage statements or descriptions of past performance, but such items are not indicative of future results or performance, or any representation, warranty or guaranty that any result will be obtained by you. These results and performances are NOT TYPICAL, and you should not expect to achieve the same or similar results or performance. Your results may differ materially from those expressed or utilized by Gann Explained LLC due to a number of factors. Individual results will always vary and the assumption should not be made that past performance or results, testimonials will equal or guarantee future results. No profits can be guaranteed and no assurance is made against future losses. Futures, Forex, Stock, and Cryptocurrency trading involves considerable risk and should only be attempted by those in the proper learned financial condition who are able to assume the inherent risk involved. Gann Explained LLC and the trainer disclaim any liability, loss, or risk resulting directly or indirectly, for the use or application of any of the content of our trading signals, alert, tips, analysis, trade setups, newsletter, videos, books or courses, regardless of whether those decisions were inspired by using this site or not. It is up to the individual to do the research or past performance of any system they use to trade with and the user also acknowledges that Gann Explained LLC is no way responsible for the investment and trading and/ or legal decisions of its users.