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Meet Mark: 

Turning Gann Knowledge into a Cash Machine through the Power of Changing Perspective

From Trading a Small Account to a Happy Retirement in Record Time Case Study

"Given the current climate in the world it's probably one of the best ways of making an income I can think of. with the right knowledge and the right understanding you literally can have your own cash machine taking consistent income every month."

Mark F., England


A semi-retired businessman with a very keen interest in all things Gann. He has been researching in Gann for about 8-9 years and investing in better quality materials for the last 2 years.

Working with Khit

He used the Astro Trade Alert, Trading Genius Formula, and Square of Nine to piece all the Gann jigsaw puzzles together.


Trading has provided Mark with a good retirement income. He has created his cash (trading) machine and takes consistent income every month. He has close to 80% accuracy and bought a nice new car from the profits he’s made in the last 2 months.


"To be honest, I've not put a massive amount of money in there because I'm new to trading. Playing around with it, you know, maybe a couple of hundred dollars come in, it's not earth-shattering money, but it's a good indicator of what's to come so you can always upscale on the bank, and I think it's more for me about getting confidence in the methodology."

Mark joined the Trading Genius Formula and Astro Trade Alert service May 2021 and made profits right away.

Mark is impressed by Khit’s insights on W.D. Gann's trading methods. When he discovered Khit was offering Astro Trade Alerts, he jumped at the opportunity. “It’s a beautiful way to trade, and you make some money and embed the learning. That is important to me as the money is good going into retirement and creating an income.”
  • How Astro Trade Alert Has Helped Mark 

  • “It's a positive heads up to some impending movement in the market.” “Giving some of the back stories to it, then I can sort of understand why that position is where it is.” “I'll act on them because there's quality information, the deeper mysteries of the universe energetically and mathematically.”

  • The Educational Aspect

  • “It's very educational because there's a rationale behind it using the methodology he's teaching, and he will often make corrections based on that information. I’ll go back and look at the points and the stop losses, try to get a deeper understanding behind it, and then tie that in with the study.”

  • How the Market Unfolds Based on Astro Calculations

  • “He will give some heads up as to why the market's moving towards certain types of energy or it's moving in a certain direction for a certain reason or a certain price point based on calculations, so it's been very effective.”


    "Given the current climate in the world it's probably one of the best ways of making an income I can think of. You can do it from your home providing you an internet connection with the right knowledge and the right understanding you literally can have your own cash machine taking consistent income every month."

    Mark went through the Trading Genius Formula Program and the Square of Nine book.

    Trading Genius Formula is the blueprint Khit created to help Gann traders look at the market and Gann’s work with a different pair of glasses, become consistent profitable and then scale the trading account. 

    For Mark, the first step was to dive deep into the Square of Nine and combine it with Trading Genius Formula and other Gann indicators he previously used. The results were immediate. He started with putting small amounts on, within 3 months working with Khit, he has created consistent income and bought himself a nice new car.

  • Understand the Real-Time Market 

  • “It's changed my understanding of the energetic structure of the market and what moves the market and what stops the market.”

  • Think like W.D. Gann

  • “I understand what Gann was trying to do. You understand how he was thinking and how he was using the information which is not he's not normal thinking for most people certainly not the way we're educated in school and so that was a big leap for me a shift in understanding, a shift in consciousness but certainly a shift in perspective.”

  • Consistency, Accuracy & Confidence

  • “I can combine Trading Genius Formula program to get an even more accurate indicator of turning points, reversals in the market and things like that and ultimately it gave me more confidence because there's more consistency there's more accuracy there's very little downside.”

    Here's How "Think Like W.D. Gann" and Understanding the Market Structure have helped Mark grow and scale his trading account. And Why Consistency is Important!

    "Probably close to 80% accuracy. The consistency breeds confidence which breeds enjoyment. You’re not trading from a place of hope or fear of losing you're almost trading from a place of joy and excitement of the reward because you’re working with the immutable natural law, if you didn’t trust, it’s like not trusting gravity."

    The system gave Mark the knowledge, peace of mind and consistent income for a pleasurable and rewarding trading experience and retirement life.

  • Double Win

  • “The consistent winning edge. It’s providing me a retirement income with fringe benefits and to be honest, I do enjoy the esoteric side of it.”

  • Confidence. Not trading from a place of hope and fear

  • “You know you’re not trading from a place of hope or fear is the best thing I can say and it's a lovely way to trade because I’ve done the put a trade on and cross your fingers and hope.”

  • Certainty

  • “I've also done the trading with earlier versions of Gann stuff I believed it would work and then something came adrift. Putting trades on having a high degree of certainty that they're gonna pay out the right way.”

    "What's the Best Thing About the Results so far?"

    “You think it’s just been lucky for a few trades, when it does it again and then again and then again in different markets and different scenarios part of your brain starts saying yeah this is different!...The biggest change in my life is having the enjoyment and give me to do pretty much what I want within reason.”

    Outliving one savings is the #1 retirement worry but that doesn’t affect Mark. He is looking forward to a good long retirement.

  • Compounding ROI from his Trading Account

  • “I know that I can generate income when I want to generate income now...I'm just using compound interest so i'm just rolling over consistently”

  • Post Retirement Income

  • “It's taken a lot of the uncertainty out I think money's not everything however without it there's a lot more uncertainty. If you're struggling to realize how you're going to make the bills or whatever, it is that's an uncertain and uncomfortable place. When you know that you can tap into effectively some sort of source of income that you've got a large degree of control over, that's a really comforting inner feeling of peace."

  • Top 3 Positive Changes in Life

  • “It's changed my life in so many good ways, financially yes, and spiritually yes, intellectually yes.”

    "How has it Changed Mark's Life?"

    “ I could have gone on for another 5, 10 years trying to find these keys burning the midnight oil. Now I've got the time and the resources to enjoy it I could have carried on saved a few pounds here and there and not invested but I would have still been thinking I'd have still been spinning my wheels with low cost or no cost information all over the internet. None of us can buy any more time but you can buy knowledge you can buy wisdom if you go to the right places and certainly Khit is one of those sources.”

    For Mark, the most compelling thing is what's your time worth because you can't get any more of it.  Here's what Mark says to people who are on the fence now.

  • Skepticism vs Confidence

  • “I had some skepticism I also had some confidence as well because of previous experiences with the Gann Genius stuff (Trading Genius Formula) when I was looking at the opportunity of getting get my hands on this particular Square of Nine book."

  • Decode More

  • “it's certainly opened the doorways for me. It's opened the doorways in the mind, it's opened the doorways to thinking nonlinear mathematics, it's done an awful lot, I've looked at other methodologies and created a pathway that in truth is is is a combination of many things."

  • How much does the Square of Nine book Worth?

  • “Whatever price you pay for this book it's gonna pay you back and that that's the best thing i can say. I'm trying to play with numbers but I don't do it just displaying the numbers because you know wisdom is priceless."

    What was Mark's Biggest Skepticism Before Getting the Book?

    What does Mark want to say to Traders who are on the Fence now?
    How much does the Square of Nine book worth? Well over $10,000 pound.

    November 2021

    “I bought a new car out of the profits I've made in the last two months and it's a nice car so I can say quite comfortably that it's working.”

    Mark (May, 2021)

    "To be honest, I've not put a massive amount of money in there because i'm new to trading. 

    I’m moving into sort of semi-retirement and and i've had a lifelong passion with energy and then sort of sacred geometry and things like that and it's just beautiful now to see something that i can i can get my head around in an amazing way that has an income stream attached.

    I liked that a timely heads up would come through alerting me to Gann theory-based opportunities which could then be actively followed. Then any corrections/follow-ups would come through as needed based on your activity."

    6 months after...Mark (November, 2021)

    "With the given the current climate in the world, it's probably one of the best ways of making an income I can think of. With the right knowledge and the right understanding you know literally you can you can have your own cash machine. The biggest change in my life is is having the enjoyment and freedom. I'm scaling up and I’m looking forward to a good long healthy retirement and with the resources to do it; and enjoy learning even more. It's changed my life in so many good ways. Financially yes, spiritually yes intellectually yes. I've just bought a car that's many many times more than the book."

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    The Tunnel Thru the Air Master Trader Program is US$15,000+

    The Program Is Not For Everyone. Fill Out the Application and Schedule a 15-Minute Call to Assess if We're the Right Fit for each other.

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