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Meet Juan: 

Khit's feedback propels Juan to decode W.D. Gann's work with success.

A Seasoned Trader Case Study:

How Understanding "Wheels within Wheels, Cycles within Cycles, and Time within Time" is Yielding Staggering Results and Profits

"Khit's methodologies have added a great deal of accuracy, filled in a few gaps, and confirmed many of my theories about markets ."
Juan M., Canada


A profitable full-time Gann trader Juan left his promising 20-year engineering career to focus all his time and energy on trading, learning, researching the market. As a professional engineer, he has a solid mathematical background and was completely drawn to Gann's mathematics, geometry, astronomy, and astrology.

Working with Khit

Juan uses Khit as a sounding board for his personal Gann research. He uses the Astro Trade Alert, Trading Genius Formula, Astro Masterclass, Stable Mercury-Venus-Moon and Son of Man to expand his knowledge base and decode more.  


What Juan has learned from Khit is phenomenally complemental, and it has led to further research on how planetary cycles overlap, which could be used not just to determine the length of a cycle but to predict Christ with them. Now, he knows exactly where to look in the markets to find a cycle that will repeat in the same way.


"In 2003, I stumbled across the notion that planets and natural cycles had to do a great deal with the market. I bought into Orange futures, and lo and behold, I tripled my account and made $60,000 in 6 weeks."

Juan made more money in those 6 weeks than he was making as a full-time engineer in a year. He continued to trade with the same signal; however, it was not repeating on other time frames or other markets, so he began to invest in Gann-related courses and learn more about what drove market action, timing the market and financial astrology. 


"Time mathematics to the market into geometry is something the Trading Genius Formula has done, and Khit, a near mathematical genius, would be able to come up with something like that."

Trading Genius Formula provided additional confirmation to some of Juan's own methods especially on early entry and near end of trend methods.  

  • A Non-Blackbox Formula

  • "Hands down! All the years I looked through black-box, Trading Genius Formula was the only one that incorporated a math approach to trading, establishing sound entry points, very tight stop loss, and great risk management techniques."

  • The Dynamic Indicator

  • “The formula provides structure based on what the market is doing, so it's relatively dynamic, not static. Nothing compares to a static indicator you see in most of the literature or books you can find."

  • Simple Steps for Execution

  • “Provides the step by step relationship to what the market has done... A subject that's difficult breaking it down into simple steps to follow. Most guys that are just delving into the area of the planet will be very surprised by what khit shows you in the course."


    “Planetary Trend line of the market vs those random trendline most people use. It's a gift if you haven't figured it out yourself. You'll get your money's worth very very quick.”

    The Astro powered Trendline is designed to be used in concert with Trading Genius Formula especially in intraday or days where there are lots of fluctuations.

    The Tunnel Thru the Air Master Trader Program is US$15,000+

    The Program Is Not For Everyone. Fill Out the Application and Schedule a 15-Minute Call to Assess if We're the Right Fit for each other.

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    “The Stable Mercury-Venus-Moon cycle relates to my studies and deep-seated research of planetary cycles in decoding cycles embedded secretly embedded within the Tunnel Thru The Air. Khit's books and theories have helped me extend my research and my understanding how these planetary cycles actually directly affect the markets.”

    Juan left a 20-year career as an engineer in the oil and gas industry and decided to focus all his time and energy on researching and completing ideas he had about the studies of the markets.

  • Short-Term Cycle

  • “The stable Venus-Mercury-Moon Cycle obviously give you great shorter term cycles that even a day trader could potentially use knowing these dates at a time and how these particulars planets and cycles are to determine the direction of the trend and use the trend to essentially intraday or day trade or take compositions that a few days or even a few weeks once you know how this the planetary cycle is influencing and driving a particular market that's how I intend to use it."

  • 100% Satisfaction

  • “I'm fully satisfied of how it works I back tested it to my own satisfaction and it'll be one of my probably going forward it will be one of my preferred trading tools to forecast and trade with going into the future."

  • The Tunnel Thru the Air Master Trader Program is US$15,000+

    The Program Is Not For Everyone. Fill Out the Application and Schedule a 15-Minute Call to Assess if We're the Right Fit for each other.

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    “I've been able to back-test the cycles for several years now and a number of markets. I fully understand how it works and I could easily apply.”

    “If I wanted to trade these longer-term cycles it's just a matter of looking at future dates of when these cycles are going to happen you overlay them on your market and then you could use them as very precise almost to the date timing tools.”

  • "I read and replicated most of your charts on the Son of Man Cycle. I commend you for the effort it must have taken to decode all these market cycles... very impressive to say the least!"

    The Tunnel Thru the Air Master Trader Program is US$15,000+

    The Program Is Not For Everyone. Fill Out the Application and Schedule a 15-Minute Call to Assess if We're the Right Fit for each other.

    Apply to See if You Qualify

    Here's What Juan Has to Say About Khit on Financial Astrology and Mathematics...

    Juan's review on Khit's Work on Mathematical Cycles

    Juan's review on Khit's Work on Mathematical Cycles

    The Tunnel Thru the Air Master Trader Program is US$15,000+

    The Program Is Not For Everyone. Fill Out the Application and Schedule a 15-Minute Call to Assess if We're the Right Fit for each other.

    Apply to See if You Qualify

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