Problem: We never know which trendline will be the right one.  Should you connect the tops or the bottoms… or Now what?

Solution: Use Simple Math to validate your Trendline


Dow Jones Index Live Market:  August 15, 11am EST

In this video, I am going to show you:

Step 1: Draw all the possible trendline that you can conceive of on a trading chart 

Step 2: Check the ‘Mathematics Characteristic’ of the trendline.  What I mean is, measure the neckline to cycle top to see if it equals to the movement of the breakout to the neckline. Eliminate the ones that are not of the same length as the movement of the breakout to the neckline.

Step 3: Now you are working with the true trendline that the market is unfolding with. Try implement other indicators on top of the True Trendline to get a bigger picture of the Trend.

Step 4: This is a MUST – Set an Effective Stop Loss, a price at which you would consider your analysis is incorrect.

Step 5:  Engage in high reward low risk opportunity (low risk means when the market is close to your effective stop loss ) 

Here’s some of my forecast posted with a timestamp on Tradingview FX and an NFP Live trade .

#1 –I’ve made a market forecast on Dow Jones on Aug 6, 2019, posted with a timestamp on Tradingview. The red line was my prediction on the market move – the yellow section is the live market and it has just unfolded to the top as what I predicted.

#2 –I’ve made a market forecast on USD.JPY 4:1 Reward-Risk Ratio Short Call on Jul 17, 2019, posted with a timestamp on Tradingview. The red line was my prediction on the market move – and the green section was the live market.

#3 – The Mathematical Solution + My Unique Traction Trendline on How to Spot the Trade Entry with No Guesswork (a Live Example Included)

You probably will be interested to know how to find the direction of the trends, how to spot the exact entry of the trade with no ambiguity on a shorter time frame or intraday level.   Here’s a live example to apply my patented Traction Trendline on a post Non-Farm Payrolls EUR.USD Trade on November 3, 2017, on a LIVE WEBINAR.

#4 – The Mathematical Solution + the Power of Financial Astrology (a Time-stamped Example Included)

I combined the astrological and mathematical timing techniques to identify a market set up and predicted a 300 pip move on a timestamped FXStreet forecast on June 20, 2017.

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