Introducing Financial Astrology that helps you Calculate Price, Time & Turn of the Market

In this presentation, I’m going to show you 3 Interesting Facts about Financial Astrology:

#1. it is as an Earth Science;

#2. a study of correlations between the Moon phases and financial markets conducted by an Investment Bank and

#3. Some timestamped trades on FXSteet that predicted the buy point down to Day and Minute!


+ The study was conducted by the Royal Bank of Scotland and it presents correlations between the moon phases and behavior of financial markets, and suggests a medium-to-long term trading strategy which can significantly increase profits. It also takes a quick look at planetary alignments and what could be significant in terms of timing for the coming weeks.  Click here for more details.

+ I’ve included some time-stamped trades I did that you can find the buy point down to Day and Minute Entry.  Interested?  Click Below to Download



Introducing Financial Astrology that helps you Calculate Price, Time & Turn of the Market by W.D. Gann Explained on Scribd

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