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Welcome to the 7-Step CATCHER Framework of the Trading Genius Formula, The W.D. Gann Inspired Mathematical Trading System

Introducing the 7-Step ‘CATCHER’ Framework, the W.D. Gann Trading System, Trading Genius Formula, inspired by Law of Vibration.

C=Cyclic Law.  “When a decline in points exceeds the greatest decline of a previous reaction by one or more points, it is an indication of a change in trend”.  W.D. Gann 
A= A-Player System.  “You need a Proven System + Trade Diagnostics. It’s not something you can learn by reading the book ‘’Trading in the Zone’’.  Khit Wong
T= Time Factor.  “Remember that the “overbalancing” of TIME is the most important indication of a change in trend”.  We help you find the time turn.
C=Close Stop.  Dark Energy is an Invisible Source of Energy that propels the price out a certain part of the chart – ‘the Price Which Must Not Be Touched!’ That’s how you find the Tight Stop Loss & Keep Risk Low.
H=High Reward.  Trade Smart – spend less time trading, grow your trading account and spend more time with your family & friends. This system works in every market and timeframe – FX, stock, commodities, Index.

E=Exit Highway.  “Every movement in the market is the result of a Natural Law and of a Cause which exists long before the Effect takes place and can be determined years in advance.” WD Gann said.

R=Repeated Move. The Repeated Moves can be broken down into the Trend Action and Reaction.  That’s how you find the Repeated Number, the different sections and the safest spot to entry!

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In The W.D. Gann Master Commodities Course Chapter 5, P.3, Gann said “Geometric angles measure accurately Space, Time, Volume and Price’… meaning you’ve to get the SCALE right. 

In Chapter 14, P.5, Gann talked about Balance Out Time & Price’..and I’ve used that information to find the Equilibrium Point of squaring time and price using Geometric Angles and Anniversary Date.

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