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The Never Revealed Simple & Powerful One Moon Cycle

 You DON'T have to know all sorts of Wild Astrology to Apply One Moon Cycle to your trades.

Discover How to Find Consistently Profitable Patterns, Pull the Trigger and Profit from the Market AFTER the Double Top or Bottoms are formed.

#1. Master in under 60 minutes or less using a Simple Moon Mathematical Formula

#2. Enables You to Pull the Trigger & Profit from the Market AFTER the Double Tops & Bottoms are formed. 

#3. By Getting you into Points at the Top or Bottom of a move, it enables you to place a tight stop loss on the trade.

  • One of W.D. Gann favorite places to begin a ‘Campaign’ was a Double Top or Bottom. 

    Uncover the Profitable Ways to Trade Double Tops & Bottoms with the Never Revealed Moon Secrets.

    A Deeper Layer of the Anniversary Date

    Through the same lens, Khit utilizes astrology in a mathematical approach to eliminate the noise, rendering financial astrology a precise and accurate science. With no orbs of influence and no guesswork, financial astrology is super exact science.

    The Never-Revealed 3 Profitable Moon Patterns

    No Speculations Needed. The 3 Profitable Moon Patterns to Determine the Exact Points to Forex, Stock or Commodities Should Rise & Fall AFTER the Tops & Bottoms are Formed.

    Protect and Lock Your Profit

    How to Avoid the False Positive Moon pattern so you can protect and lock your profits.

    What People Are Saying


    0.07- 00:13 One Moon Cycle book and I want to tell all of you that this is one of Khit's best books that he's ever written I've had most of all of his materials00:25- 00:36 Won't require a lot of astrological understanding that will get you into trades very simply and easily that you should be able to make a lot of profit

    00:43- 00:50

    you'll reap both very much more monies than what the book is cost


    other books that you purchased that don't deliver as much as you as you want

    01:10- 1:39

    People that day trade will find the one moon cycle useful and also position trade because it will give you the longer-term direction that things are going in so that down at the smaller timeframes you'll be able to plant your feet in the direction that should be in a much more corrective direction and give you a lot more understanding of where the markets going both for the short and the intermediate terms as well as the longer terms

    The Prediction Looks like this!

    This Lunar Technique gets you into points up at the top of a move or down at the bottom of a move. You're able to put a very tight stop loss on it.

    One Moon Cycle
    Yep! I want to Know How to Pull the Trades After the Double Tops & Bottoms are Formed

    Here's Why You Want To Uncover The One Moon Cycle Secrets

      An Intraday Trader

      Helps you understand where the bigger cycle is heading so that you won't place bets on the wrong side.

      A Swing/ Positioned Trader

      Helps you anticipate the market's movements in the upcoming month by determining the direction of the underlying implicit cycle.

      A Mid or Long-term Trader

      Helps you identify a specific pattern that can be used to hold a trade for up to 40 days, allowing you to potentially earn significant profits over an extended period.

    One Moon Cycle
    Yep! I want to Know How to Pull the Trades After the Double Tops & Bottoms are Formed

    Here's What You Get

    Checkout our most popular courses. These are recently updated with all new content.

    A 32-Pages Booklet on the Never-Revealed Moon Trading Formula


    As you know, Mr. Gann was a prolific student of the Bible and many of his secrets are decoded from the Sacred Scripture.40 is the common repeated number in the Bible. The number 40 appears so often in contexts dealing with judgment or testing, many scholars understood it to be the number of “probation” or “trial.” “40 days” seem to be a number that God has chosen to help emphasize times of trouble and hardship. And I want to help you learn the Moon Cycle Formula in 40 days!

    40-Day Personal Email Access to help you achieve your goals

    Meet Khit Wong

  • Khit Wong's impressive track record speaks for itself, with a proven ability to deliver results and profitable market calls. He has been featured in several publications, including FXStreet.com, "Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities," and "Traders World." For over a decade, he has shared his Astro Market Forecasts through live webinars on platforms like FXStreet, Wave59, and TradingView.

    His willingness to share his knowledge through live webinars and the publication of brokerage statements sets him apart as a leader in the industry.

    With examples of impressive returns such as a 433% return in just 30 days using Trading Genius Formula, and a 359% return in just 2 days based on one of his Astro Trade Alerts, he made US$2,260 from Dow in 4 Days using his Moon Trading Method.  His Trading Methods are worth paying attention to for anyone interested in trading success.


    + How will One Moon Cycle boost my Intraday Trading game?

    Here's the deal. If you're an intraday trader, you want to ride the wave in the right direction, right? Enter, One Moon Cycle. This tool empowers you to predict where the bigger cycle is headed, so you don't end up barking up the wrong tree.

    Think you can play both sides on the same day? Buy and short-sell the same market? Hate to burst your bubble, but your trading journal will tell a different story. More often than not, success is found when you sail with the wind of the larger cycle, not against it.

    + How can One Moon Cycle be a game-changer for Swing or Positioned Traders?
  • One Moon Cycle unveils whether the underlying implicit cycle is heading for the stars or crashing to the ground. This way, you can anticipate the market's moves in the upcoming month.

    + Why should Mid or Long-term Traders count on One Moon Cycle?
  • For those who play the long game, One Moon Cycle is a setup that lets you relax and sip margaritas for up to 40 days. Just put in a trade, set a stop loss, and watch as your trade hits your profit target. No babysitting required.

    + Why should you trust me, Khit, as your GANN Trainer?
  • Khit is not just some guru spewing theories. He walks the talk as an active trader. His rendezvous with W.D. Gann's work couldn't have come at a better time. He's got his hands on some truly invaluable content, including pearls of wisdom from Bonnie Hill, a former member of the exclusive GANN lodge. Armed with these insights, he has managed to translate them into practical, actionable strategies that he uses in his day-to-day trading.

    + How much time is needed to master the One Moon Cycle Technique?
  • Consider this: a 32-page book, a moon trading method that not only serves as a trusty guide to navigate 'Double Tops & Bottoms' post formation, but we also flag the ones you need to steer clear of - because who wants their hard-earned profits to take a hit, right?

    + Do I need any software to use this method, or just an Ephemeris or Almanac?
  • No software is required, an Ephemeris is needed. We provide a free ephemeris on our website.

    + How much time is needed to master the One Moon Cycle Technique?
  • Picture this. You've got a 32-page book in your hands. It's like a secret weapon, clear, concise, powerful, and brimming with practical wisdom. It's not just about winning trades, but also about those you should steer clear of to safeguard your profits.

    + If One Moon Cycle is such a star, why is it priced at a humble $997?

    In my Astro arsenal, there are many tools. But after many a debate with my partner Agnes at Gann Explained, we chose to share this gem because:

    1. Double Tops & Bottoms is a classic pattern, a common language for traders of all levels.
    2. It's easy to learn and apply.
    3. It provides ample time to pull the trigger & cash in AFTER the Double Tops & Bottoms are formed – meaning zero guesswork.
    4.No Astro software cluttering your desk.It's a forward-looking formula, not just a back-testing wizard.

    We could price this One Moon Cycle book at thousands, but we're in a generous mood. we want to bolster your consistency in these wild times without breaking your bank.

    And a word of caution for our fellow Gann researchers - don't fall into the common trap of false positives. Even if the market seems to dance to your tune, it may not be the REAL cause. A mistake that could burn a hole in your pocket. Stay aware, stay smart!

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