The natal Rulership Map

to Get More Success, Opportunity, and a more predictable future!
If you’re remotely curious about financial astrology and want to find out if is legit, whether I am your right mentor,  or tap into your own natal code so you can better plan your life in the next 12 months … this is the perfect service for you.

Tell me your natal info and I’ll give your forecast like I predict the Tops & Bottoms or the Price and Time Turns of the Market!

First off, financial astrology is a secret weapon of many investors and traders.  J.P. Morgan once famously said ‘Millionaires don’t need astrologers, but billionaires do’.  

J.P. Morgan and W.D. Gann shared three commonalities – they were wealthy,  successful in investments/Trading, and they both profited from the market using financial astrology.

A quote from ‘The Stock Tape’ Book by W.D. Gann: ‘Man’s season trend changes just as the market and he has his good and bad cycles.’

Gann leveraged his Good Cycle and made large amounts of money trading, gambling on the horse races and playing the lottery.   


The change of the cycles oftentimes is caused by the Change of Rulership on your natal chart.


Sound woo-woo?


In fact, many of my students and Investment Bankers studied engineering. I spoke to many of them and what got them interested in researching Financial Astrology is that they spotted repeated patterns and cycles in the market that are very similar to the study of electrical cycles in electrical engineering.


You might still be wondering is this true?


Before diving into researching good and bad cycles in any financial instruments you’re trading, I have an opportunity for you to gauge whether Financial Astrology is something for you.


Introducing the Natal Rulership Map…


Here’s how it works:  You give me your birth details and I’ll tell you some key events in your past so you can validate what I say is accurate and more importantly providing a prediction of your future.


You can use the Natal Rulership Map to plan your life and Get More Success, Opportunity, and Money by leveraging your Good Cycles.


You may be wondering, Khit, you’re a trader why are you offering this service?


Cos I want to prove to you financial astrology works!


I predict the Tops & Bottoms or the Price and Time Turns of the Market just the same way I predict your life using your Natal code.


Here’s what the Natal Rulership Map will reveal for you:


#1.  The characteristics of your Natal Rulership, i.e your personality traits and what are the things you need to pay attention to (I will give you some examples from your past events to illustrate this)


#2. The outlook in the coming 12 months if you’d like a detailed forecast.   If you prefer to know a broader theme of your life, we can do a forecast for up to 10 years.


#3. The best part is, you can ask One Burning Question you have so hopefully the map will give you full clarity in planning your trading career or any aspect of your life you choose.


Sounds good!


Click the button below to sign up for the Natal Rulership Map. 


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PS.  The whole process will take around 14 days and I will ask you a few questions to align your natal cycle, thanks.


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