Meet Agnes

I am a student of Khit Wong, the Assistant Coach and the Course Designer of Gann Explained.

If you need help making a consistent profit each month trading, not having to give up your social life, and point out the big trades where the reward to risk ratio is high then we can definitely help you.

Frustrated because you kind of know there is a way, but you can’t quite figure it out? Embarrassed because your friends and family are saying, “Hey, how’s your trading going? Are you making a lot of money?” I suppose it’s also embarrassing because you’re not actually making money but you want to prove them wrong that you can make a living with trading.

If you’re ready to put in the work, we can help you become a consistently profitable trader without having to chain yourself to the computer, not having to give up your social life, and point out the big trades where the reward to risk ratio is high!

Here’s how I get into the World of Trading:

Trading Education

  • Director of Corporate Marketing, SHK Financial Group, Hong Kong where I worked with many A-list traders
  • Took courses with ex-Wall Street Traders on their proprietary trading methods, Pattern Recognition, and the Fibonacci ratio
  • Completed courses on Financial Astrology
  • Self-taught RSI, Moving Average, Chart Patterns

How I get hooked on Financial Astrology:

My trading friend & I once thought Gartley, Butterfly Pattern, and Fibonacci ratios are the silver bullet, but after a while, we couldn’t make a solid consistent profit.

One day he told me he found the true game changer – financial astrology & W.D.Gann.

I was like..astrology…duh..that’s woo-woo stuff.

And he showed me his super convincing & profitable financial astrology trading charts and a study conducted by the Royal Bank of Scotland on the correlation between moon & planetary movement with market prices. Click here to read more about the Royal Bank of Scotland study on Moon Trading and Planetary Movement.

He had nothing to sell me, so I trusted it as a genuine recommendation and I began my journey into Financial Astrology.

Fast forward six months, he started an investment fund with a group of his clients. He used financial astrology signals to enter & exit the markets and is doing extremely well.

Then I met Khit and that’s how I started my new trading chapter 🙂

Trading History:

  • Spent 10 years as a part-time trader
  • Worst trading moments – glued to my computer screen after work on and off for years without making any progress or profit

What has changed after my mentorship with Khit:

  • I’m no longer glued to the computer screen all day long all night
  • I’ve learned probably the most profitable technique on how to trade news
  • I only go for high reward low risk trades – I don’t scalp the market nor do I worry about missing trades
  • I proudly call myself a Gann Trader without having spent decades getting lost in veiled information and seemingly unrelated techniques
  • I’m able to come up with a cohesive trading game plan

Work History:

I worked with A-list bankers and traders, jumping on every opportunity to learn more about financial products, institution and proprietary trading. Little did I know this experience would play a significant role in my future career.