‘I am very happy with your course! I have taken many different W.D. Gann courses, but your course is the only one with any practical applications that can be directly applied in active trading.  Your explanations on the homework make everything much clearer. The process of integrating many signals will help much in deriving correct trading.  Your dedication and mastery of the market is very evident. The course instructional videos along with the live teaching videos really teach all your concepts. This course is the best education to jump-start a person into successful trading.

Your development of unique tools to read market behavior are instrumental in making profits trading. The help you give in teaching the homework really illustrates and brings home the meanings of use of your unique formulas so the students will really be able to trade and make profits. I think this is the best Gann course, and if applied will lead the unsuccessful trader to trading success.

I have made roughly $3000 in this course.  The best Easter present I can have is that you are going to teach an advanced course.’

Ted. E, USA

‘You have literally turned my inconsistent trading into a long winning streak.  Thank you very much and with the capital of US$8,000, I have now made over US$1,000 in the first 2 weeks after taking your course.’

Mohammed M, Saudi Arabia

‘Going through the process of doing the homework is essential in deepening my understanding of how to identify the trend.  And having Khit to check my trading homework to make sure I have done it correctly makes a difference.  And seeing Khit doing the analysis live on a blank chart is a whole new experience.’

Christian B, Germany

‘I have been trading stocks, options, and forex for many years now.  I have been exposed to many different strategies and tools, including Gann analysis in depth.   When I found your website, I knew your approach is unique.

The course so far has been an eye-opener for trading with a new fresh approach. I also ordered the books which are also a plethora of information.

You mathematical mechanical Gann techniques and astro have taken me to a different trading dimension which I would never be aware it existed.


* Markert markers and broker can NOT see what are I am trading on. Example If I trade on Bollingers or MAs or Pivots they will see and act against me.

* The system is perfect to fit my Risk-Reward Ratio. Low-risk big reward

* Complex system but simple tools. Any basic chart will do it.

* Khit does not sell indicators, systems, software like many others instructors. Just plain price action on each chart.

* Khit comments on video when reviewing students’ work are priceless. I take notes of all of them since these are the basis of the system.

* There are many dimensions for filtering a trade before pressing the trigger. Example price, time and now astro timing.

* The tools can be used in cryptocurrency charts. A big advantage nowadays.

* For option traders like myself, this is the course to master.

* Availability for Q&As and support via email

Joseph A, USA

‘I just wanted to say thank you for teaching me some amazingly easy trading concepts. I thought that the astrology sections would be hard but what you have shared on week 5 is amazing not only because you don’t need to know any astro like me, but this is the first time I have seen a way to covert time to price with zero effort or calculations.

Can’t wait to go through the rest of the course weeks and see what other gems you will be teaching me.’

Hiren P, UK

‘After attending the program, one could learn W.D. Gann’s simple tradable techniques from his famous form reading.  It is applicable to market trend action and reaction. Also, one could learn the simple and tradable astro-timing techniques which are accurate to the minute for market action.’

KK Chan, Hong Kong

‘Your teaching really helps to understand the market trend. I took several profitable trades and well aware of the reasons behind to make the process repeatable.”

I really love the last live usdjpy trade example shown in the coaching session with an explanation. 

Mario T, Hong Kong

I am very pleased with the highly accurate signals, but I’d also like to thank Khit for being very responsive to my questions and I have learned a lot more about the Forex market. Ahmet N (TURKEY)

“ I had attended Khit’s seminar last year, found that he is good at Gann, that can help me to predict the market more accurately. I had one time earned back a years signal services on   GC (gold option)” Danny L (HONG KONG)

Honestly , I don’t follow every signal that Khit Wong gave me. That is because my equity is very low. So I have to pick one or two. Generally if my technical say to buy, and Khit signaling to buy, I will entry it, and most of time, they end up be profitable for me Jemmy M (INDONESIA)

Once I know about this service I bought it instantly because I have followed  Khit’s call since 2013 on his forum posts at Prakash S (INDIA)