What do you see?

The following example shall visually illustrate the said concept clearly 

Objectively, they are just lines. But your brain has organized them into a cube shape. 

What is more, your brain has picked one of two ways of looking at the cube. 

If it has chosen to see it as if you are looking from above, you will effectively see it with the following orientation:

But if your brain has chosen to see it as if you are looking from below, you will effectively see it with this orientation: 

Either orientation can be discerned in the original image, but the brain cannot see both at once. It will pick one. 

That’s an example of perceptual organization, something we all engage in without realizing it. 

Studying W.D. Gann Material is just like this. Despite the fact that secrets has been presented to you in his books, you cannot see it until you wear the RIGHT lenses. 

For those of who have had studied W.D. Gann and Astro Finance fo 10, 20 or more years, I likely will not tell you something that you didn’t read before; but I am going to show you angles that you haven’t looked at before.  I am going to give you a new lens to see through!

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