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Imagine...Trade Tesla? Pull up your Tesla Astro Trendline. Trading the Dow? Your Dow Astro Trendline is ready.

Now You Can Craft your Custom Astrological Trendlines for Each Market in Less Than 30 Minutes WITHOUT Astro Software!

Pay $397 to Upgrade My Order Now! (NDA required)
No, I don't want the 35% discount. I'll rather figure it out on my own.

How would you like Khit Wong to teach how to draw trendline based on the Natal Blueprint of our chosen Index, Forex Pair or Stocks?

Imagine having a Natal Astro Trendline for every market. Today, you're trading Dow with its specific Astro Trendline; tomorrow, you're diving into Bitcoin's rhythm using its unique Trendline. This tool empowers you to interpret market signals like never before.

In this epic masterclass, Khit will walk you through each step of setting up an Astro Trendline for the market you trade. 

You'll learn How to Plot Astro Trendline on your chart in Just 30 Minutes: A Step-by-Step Guide with 3 Trade Examples Walk-through. (Nasdaq, Tesla and Nvidia)

Proof? The Tesla Astro Trendline unraveled the Trend, pin-pointed price support at 273.36 and 299.90, and accurately predicted the price reversal at 359.90. In a live workshop, I went long on Tesla at 299.90, making a $6 profit per share.

A 3 Examples Trades (Nvidia, Tesla & Nasdaq) Step-By-Step Guide Included!



Pay $397 to Upgrade My Order Now! (NDA required)
No, I don't want this 35% discount. I'll rather figure it out on my own.

When you pay $397 to join the Astro Trendline Masterclass, you’ll receive:

  • Astro Trendline Masterclass: Learn how to draw custom Astro Trendline step by step like Khit Wong. 

  • Astro Trendline Example Trades Walkthrough: Nasdaq, Tesla, Nvidia.

  • Astro Trendline Notes: Armed you with a fresh lens to decode more secrets of W.D. Gann's Astrology.

  • 40-Day 1:1 Email Support with Khit: Feel free to shoot Khit any questions or trading assignments you have about Astro Trendline. He's here to guide you in successfully applying them in the market.

  • TOTAL VALUE: $600

    TODAY ONLY $397

    Pay $397 to Upgrade My Order Now! (NDA Required)
    No, I don't want this 35% discount. I'll rather figure it out on my own.

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